Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bre's Thoughts!

Hello Everyone! I'm having a great time. My family hasn't driven me crazy yet. Can you guys beleive it, I'm in CHINA. wow. It's pretty cool. I never thought this would actually happen but it did.
I guess you all heard about the caves we went to. You should have seen my face when I heard that there was a mud pit in an underground cave. "Count me in." Being fully covered in thick mud in an underground cave in China has got to be one of the coolest things ever. It was awsome. Savannah and I never wanted to get out. Seriously it was so thick that we were able to strech flat out on top of it, never touching the bottom. To crawl in it was something else! Hardly moving, I felt like a snail. Who cares it was so much fun. Pure mud monsters.
The other day we visited a middle school. Ages 13 to 15. I felt a little shy at first because all kids were staring at us and whispering to each other. Soon to figure out that they were the shy ones. Out of a group one of them would have enough courage to say hi. Then when I said hi back they all blushed turned around and hid there faces. It was pretty funny. Once in the class room they were better. Mom, Ammon, Savannah and I introduced ourselves infront of the class and told them a little bit about us. It was so funny. I found it a little hard to speak to them because there English wasn't very good. I felt like a superstar or something because I signed almost all of there books, took pictures with them, they asked a lot of questions and they loved the colour of my eyes. All of them were so curious, and in awwwwwwwwww when we talked to them. They don't see too many white people and no one the height of Ammon! There was this one cute kid who looked like Tyee. The school had a running track, a place to play basketball and pingpong tables out side. The pingpong tables had a line of rocks acoss the middle for the net and the table was of stone. Thats being creative or using their resources. There were so many bikes lined up, I swear every kid there had one maybe two each. Trust me there were alot. We talked in two classes of 50 kids for about an hour in each class.
We even got a chance to go biking. I don't know why they have lines on the roads because no one uses them. Everyone just honks at each other to get out of the way. It's madness. For example, there will be a bus passing a bus passing a tracktor passing a bike which is passing a pedestrian and this is no lie. This all happens on a wide two lane road constantly! As strange and dangerous as this sounds they seem to know what there doing and its not scary.
The over night bus was something i've never done before. They had three rows of bunk beds running the length of the bus. Of course we got the back. It was so bumpy that there were seat belts to hold you in place. Mom says that it looked like a traveling hospital because everything was so clean and white. I loved it. Even Ammon thought it was cool because he hadn't ever seen one. The over night train was really hot, I thought I was going to die Because I was on the top bunk of three. I hate how heat rises. It was 36 degrees and very humid.
I think I might get lung cancer from seccond hand smoke in this country. Everywhere I go people are spitting. HAH I'd never catch some of my friend using these squatty toilets. We avoided it as long as possible by looking for the nearest McDonalds. Unfortunately we ran into a dead end. We were giggling like little girls the whole time, even mom. It was so funny and embarrasing at the sametime.
Its amazing how hard these people work. They have a hoe, few have arcaic plows but most use water buffalo for all there farming. It's amazing how that use all the land available. These people aren't huge and muscular like you would expect, they are tiny but they must have super strength.
I'll have to tell you guys more later. Were having a great time.
Ps. I was loosing at cards but now I am tied with mom at the bottom. eeee.
Over and out.


At 9:56 AM , Blogger Brittany said...

hey whats up? do you guys read these comments or what? Breanna you don't even aknowledge me, what happens when the time comes where I decide to come meet you guys which guess what??? --Im comming to meet you guys just after christmas. Kewl hey! Im saving up with the new job i just got, hopefully I can save enough to come see you guys. So whats happening is that i am either going with my mom to europe and then taking a flight from there and meeting up wth yu guys or (what i think may happen) get sick of my mom and just take a flight from Vancouver in September. So we'll see what happens and you guys better keep in touch with me otherwise I will not be able to meet up. Cause isn't that the point???!!! anywaise miss you lots. Bre your article is hilarious. love you all.......Bye!!!


At 9:57 AM , Blogger Brittany said...

I hate school and whan sooooo badly to be where you are!!!! miss you tonnes (had to write it again!!)

lol, Brittany~~~~~~

At 10:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey!!! that's kewl I think yu guys are great, yu're my heros but no...... seriously send me a present!!! have a great time. Because this is a once in a lifetime experience enjoy it to the full expanse of possibility.(that there is poetic!!!--don't know if it makes any sense whatsoever but thats what you get for staying in school jk jk!!)
lol, Sophia!!!!!

At 12:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys it good to know that you are having a great time (even you Savanna) Happy birthday big sister. i hope that your kids have made a big cake for you. today ia election day i will keep you posted on the results. Please let us know if you are getting these messages. (Ammon no coments on spelling this time because i will just blame it on my typing skills). the school thing sounded realy intresting. I should have known that Bre & Savanna would find a mud puddle to play in.
Alex says happy birthday, he doesnt know how you could sleep on a train at that temp. have lots of fun!!
TTFN, Malcolm

At 2:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my family.
What a blast it sounds like you are having! I wish I could be there with you. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and miss you sooo much more than you probably think. Today, in honor of your birthday, I had an American flag flown across Iraq on one of our fighter aircraft while on a strike mission. I will give you the flag the next time I see you. Knowing some pilots comes in handy! I asked to fly a Canadian flag, but I was pretty much called a crazy canuck as usual, all in good humour. They probably would have, but as you can imagine there are no canadian flags out here!

Breanna I laughed out loud when I read about the Fire truck passing, bus passing the 4x4, passing the hotrod, passing the bike, passing the oriental dude who was after the pet dog with a butcher's knife, running after the cat while chasing the mouse on the street! haha! Isn't this world somethin'?
Speaking of the world, I am in As Sayliyah, Qatar right now on a 96 hr R&R "vacation" from the war. Good timing too.

Ammon, I hope you're feeling better brother. I know all about how people can get sick when getting climatized to new places. I miss you man. Take care of the family.

Savannah Grace, show Ammon who's boss! Keep him inline alright, don't let him take you anywhere too crazy! Glad you're having fun (I didn't just say that did I?!)

I love and miss you all and am dong well. Hopefully Aletta will be able to make it out there to see you guys. I know she sure misses you as I do! Take care of eachother, stand tall, and be safe. With love, your proud son and brother. Forever. Skylar

PS again, happy birthday mom!

At 2:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you guys are doing this......happy b-day Maggie, hope it's a good one for ya!
You guys are brave for trying the whole foreign toilet thing, I'd probably go au natural and head for the bush with pine cones....second thought that would hurt..... :)
Kristina (aka Tina) and Greg

At 12:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

LoL!! so i just noticed i posted a comment in the wrong section!! wow~ i'm smart.. ne whoo.. wutz up?? hope ur doin well..sounds like u guyz are havin a blast..and if i had the time and money i wuld come out there for like a week just ta hang out but i dun have time eh?? so wutz new?? things here in canada...are...meh.. i guess i actually sent u an email..so check it kkz... i'm headin to the states on a road trip in a week or so.. and also we're goin white water rafting and a bunch of stuff too!! oh so very much fun!! every1 has left for the mish... paul-CHILE, Tanner-TAIWAN, Jason King- KOREA, Emerson- IDAHO yups...all of them are gone...kinda sux.. and i'm left behind... damn! lol~! newayz..take it eazy... email me...u kno who this is...i'm Fernando's brother and this is the ONLY person u kno that his nickname is....


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