Friday, May 13, 2005

Savannah's Version of Yangshuo

Well, Ammon's definitely right! I won't admit to having any fun LOL :D The atmosphere around here is completely different. An unusually but somewhat soothing feel to it. Even though the houses are decrepit and run down and I fear they might collapse any second the town and streets are very clean. I feel safe around here and there is nothing to be threatened about! The roads are a bit chaotic and why they even have street lines is beyond me. Everyone does their part in the family to provide what they need. Nice people here but the men are slobs cause they hack and spit and they are complete chain smokers. It's kind of gross!! There are no rules or boundaries. Just simple people living life.
Today we went to see the rice terraces which were about 3 hours up north from here. They were absolutely incredible. When I looked down from the top I couldn't imagine the work put into them. Still there since they were started 700 years ago! 300 or so years to complete and there I was standing above all, looking out into the scenery with a long hard gaze. The history and effort behind these man-made glories amazed me more than words can describe. The exhausting walk up hundreds of stairs was definitely worth a sight I will never forget!! Even though I ended the day with sun burned shoulders and I nearly passed out lol!!
I have experienced a load of cultural differences among the people and I have been learning a lot from their hard working abilities. The hard labored women here put so much effort and long hours into their family and farms that I couldn't even imagine living their lives for one day! Although it gets quite annoying when they come up to you and refuse to stop trying to sell you their goods. They are very persistent in their work! The scenery outside of town in the farm lands is so wonderful. It gives a special twinkle in your eye of dreams you never thought would come true! The beauty OUTSIDE the world I knew only as home is so much more exhilarating than any one person could imagine.
I'm learning and experiencing something new each day. So far I've experienced and appreciated the world as others see it and I am curious to see what each new day will bring! Updates soon. Keep in touch!
Miss you all Savannah xoxo


At 7:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie, and amazing company;
Savannah, do you find yourself stunned by the beauty you find juxtaposed next to the surrounding? Just think, some of the people you meet will still be very unused to seeing a caucasian. We had a discussion at work the other day about the homogenization of disparate cultures, one of the guys is from China and still remembers the very first time he saw foriegners in his village.
Ammon: Thanks for the amazing post, you created a picture in my head of the experience, and the challenges of sustained travell, please keep em coming.
Breanna, are you reading to learn about the area? or hiding in a familiar house? Culture shock can be stressful eh?
Maggie, I am as always amazed, even after all these years.

Love and Bear Hugs Shean

At 12:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,Ammon,Bre&Savannah:
Wow you guys...just like you wanted! Right in there with the people and the environment.
Be safe and stay healthy ok. We miss you tons of course. Maggie, we want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!" even though it isn't until the 17th.
Thanks for the updates. They have been wonderful. Keep them David & Ronna

At 6:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Watkins!!! It's Jessie Tougas. I'm so amazed that you are actually doing this! China sounds really cool... I want to go there now, lol. I miss you all tons and though I wish you were here at church with us (Breanna and Savannah - miss you at those great dances lol) I'm still so proud of you for touring the world. It sounds really exciting for you. Later!

At 4:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on savannah you got to admit your having fun it sounds like it. the sites sound like they look so beautiful. I'd like to see them even if it means climing all those stairs. I'd probobly collapse in the midle of them though. Any way it sounds like you had fun in the mud. Was it really that thick? What about the classrooms that sounded like fun having all those people stairing at you. lol.
Keep me updated love ya! Amanda
P.S China sounds a lot nicer than I would have expected and I still can't belive your doing this.

At 12:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savannah: You're never going to win the "pool" if you keep having such an amazing time. I love you for your strength! YFAP


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