Monday, June 27, 2005


Wow! Mongolia!! It took a long time to get here. An over night bus and train. I've been on enough of those. I'm not saying i don't like them, I'd much rather ride a bus or train instead of walking forever. The people are nice and the weather is still hot but not as bad as BEIJING.
I WANT TO RIDE A CAMEL!!! I've seen alot in the last few hours. Well I'm going to go so that I can take a shower and get on with the next crazy event. Hope your all having fun doing the "same old same old "
love you all xox


At 12:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

so no one has posted a comment!! I'M DA FIRST!! mUhAHaHAhA~!! ne whoo..i emailed ya bree~ and juz lettin ya kno wutz goin on over here... sorta... lol~ so howz it goin...howz u and ur fam out in the big vass..small tiny world!! anywhoo~ hope ur doin well.. and sounds like u guzy r havin a blast!! iwuldnt' mind riding a camel either...i jzu dun want it to spit on me!! lol~ newayz..take it eazy...hope to hear from ya soon~ toodlez`


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