Saturday, June 18, 2005

More Truth

Ammon, as smart as he is, hasn't quite figured out that this shopping issue is just a plot against him, in revenge of his long legs and fast walking! We walk an average of 8 miles a day in the scorching heat usually at his fast pace. This means two steps to one of his. So we came up with a way to get back at him. While we are "shopping" he is sitting outside on the steps in the heat while we're cooling off in the air conditioning! What better shops to choose than the lingerie!! Heheh! He won't step foot in one of those which just ensures that he will boil outside!! Now that we shared our little secret don't pass it on to him!
We have just arrived in Beijing and we are planning to see the Great Wall tomorrow and walk along it for about 10km. It should be amazing!
As you probably know I have been quite fascinated by the thought of the Terra Cotta Warriors ever since I heard of them 25 or so years ago! It was a dream come true to see them in person. The history behind them is insane and to see them right there so close was unreal.
After leaving the warriors in Xi'an we hopped an overnight train for 18 hours. We arrived in Datong early morning and set off to see the Cloud Ridge Caves. These are 1500+ year old caves with about 51,000 Buddha carved from the rocks inside!! It's quite amazing! We left Datong early afternoon and arrived in Beijing by bus 6 hours later. We are set up in a great international hostel. Super clean and new, which is kind of exciting :D. We have lots to do in Beijing. Mongolian visa, Kazekstan visa, shots, Great Wall and acrobats etc. We should be here at least five days. We'll keep you posted.
Miss you tons. Love to all,


At 10:52 PM , Blogger Sandra said...

Amazing! Girls power! Maggie-the-mom is my heroine! I still remember the days when we tried to catch our 135 bus! I was "running" with my binders and laptop in the cold while he was walking slowly with his novel.
You remember that right?
Mongolia, a place where I want to do my volunteer trip. I want to join you guys so badly! I am very proud of you all!


At 1:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't I always gone by the motto that" Women rule and men drool". Something like that. Poor Ammon, he could of been nice and cool like you gals. Now he's all the wiser. Good to hear you all are doing fine. We are ok here in Vernon. Eating fresh salad veggies yum, yum. Take good care ok.
Happy Father's day to Dad's today! Hugs R.


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