Friday, July 22, 2005


If you haven't read Ammon's post yet close mine and come back once you've read his!!! If you think Ammon's post is a bit bazaar I wouldn't blame you! He speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (for once). Mongolia has definitely been the most adventure filled country yet. These people really don't have a space issue considering I have seen 30 people crammed into a minivan. The Gobi really is in the middle of nowhere! I have a great tan since I've been out day and night in 45c. Then again the weather can change from being blazing hot to a down pour, lightning storm within minutes. The roads are really zig-zagged and bumpy but it's all good, I love 4x4ing! The horses are great and so co-operative for the most part. We're always racing each other across the endless meadows. My butt sure took a good pounding! Baby animals are sooo cute and great fun to hold. From calves, piggys, lambs to even a lonely wolf cub!! I love the gers more than any guest house or hostel. I wanna take one home and live on the beach. One of the ladies let us milk her cows. It was so funny because we had 8 people working on one cow and only filled the bottom of the bucket while the lady had hers practically full in the same amount of time. I some how managed to squirt myself. What a dummy, oops. I watched a sheep get killed, skinned and gutted! Actually I couldn't watch the entire process! I have never felt so nauseous before. I had to sit down, keep my head between my legs and hope not to barf everywhere. Wow, I sound like a wimp! I can't believe there was a little girl watching and she had no problem at all! I did however enjoy my dinner. I don't see why everyone doesn't like mutton! I find it to be quite appetizing. (Savannah: She's nuts!!) The poor sheep got tossed onto its back, had a small slice in its stomach then the guy reached down and broke the aorta with his bare hands in order for it to internally bleed to death (to prevent spoiling the meat). The goats are another story though! It takes two sets of hands to do this chore. One man grabbes the horns and the other nails it on the head with a hammer. Sometimes it can take more than a few times to accomplish. I've seen up to a dozen sheep and or goats get killed in one sitting more than once. Future really is a funny guy even though his jokes are terrible, which makes him even more funny. His car is a new model Toyota minivan which makes the fact that we trashed it in the desert even worse. Still, it was never more than a "tsk, tsk" at the biggest problems we ran into! We got stuck in the sand more than required. The sand dunes were great fun. I was simply covered in sand by the end of the day. I just can't wait to go sand boarding! We drank from a spring which, now that I think of it probably wasn't the best idea considering there were horses and cows around and toads and frogs having a merry time swimming in it! Good thing water purifier was invented. Camels are really bony but hey, how many people get to say they've ridden one let alone get taken down by one! I swear it must have taken karate lessons. I was walking beside it and the next thing I new I was on my butt in the sand. At least it wasn't a horse, instead a squishy footed camel and sand to land on. Savannah and I laughed ourselves silly. I was actually considering eating the lizard, Fear Factor style! I'm sure they would have been tasty but not much meat on 'em. It's funny to see people on the sidewalk with scales! " Oh, I wonder how much I weigh today! How convenient." Only $0.05 to do! I don't think they would make much doing that. Ha, maybe it is like a Mongolia version of having lemonade stands! I'm going to miss this place when we leave. Then again Russia...... That sounds pretty cool. Plus I really, REALLY want that stamp. Having a blast and I'm not planning on coming home any time soon so you guys are gonna have to come meet up with us!
Breanna ;)


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