Sunday, July 24, 2005


We have arrived safe and sound, after 37 hours on the train, in Irkutsk Russia. The Mongolian and Russian borders took a total of 6 hours to cross. Thank goodness we could stay on the train and play cards!! I am still losing miserably at Jerk. I can't believe that I am actually here in Russia. As a kid this was unheard of!! after all it was behind the Iron curtain as was China. It's sure different from Mongolia. Traffic, roads, pollution, Blue eyed people and for all you alcoholics out there Vodka everywhere! I think its cheaper than water, same thing in Mongolia. Ammon's in heaven with all the beauties here. We are thinking of getting him a Russia bride to join the trip. We'll keep you posted on events.
Love to all Maggie.


At 12:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you could sell one of the kids for vodka and then ship it to me.

At 10:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mom, Ammon and girls. I haven't read the Blog in a long time, but I think I'm pretty much up to date now that I have some time to chill. Sounds like you all are learning so much, and for that I'm really grateful.

I'm in Kuwait right now standing-by for our transportation back to the US. I almost got held back in Iraq for another 4 weeks 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. That wasn't an easy thing to hear, but luckily I made it out and looks like I'm heading home in another couple days. Turns out we're making a few stops in the world before our final destination. Just get me out of the Middle East for a bit, and I'm good.

I've missed you guys. I wish I could see you when we land in Cherry Point, it sounds like there's going to be a lot of people waiting. It's all good, Aletta will be there Aug 3rd! Please be safe, but have fun. I love you, Sky

At 1:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Here's our update...Spending the summer in Chelan,anxious for Skylar to step onto USA soil so I can sleep at night, got a pure white mini schnauzer puppy named Bentley,lost ten pounds,loving your pictures,missing you all so much it hurts,hey its not a camel kicking my butt but its what we got...Love YFAP

At 3:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Wow, what an adventure...haven't read it all yet but we will be working on it! So who are "we"...its your cousins from Ontario...the Martins, McCalls, & we are are at the lake in Muskoka with Gordon & Lisa & the kids...what a treat. They have set us up with your blog site & hopefully soon your pictures. We have been thinking of you (honestly) a lot & wish you a safe, but fantastic adventure. We will be back to you once we read more & look forward to staying in touch! Go guys, love from us all here!!


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