Friday, July 22, 2005

They're trying to kill me!! Hah.

Well, I have to say that after watching Ammon get to the computer, crack his knuckles and go at it like a pro. I don't know how I'll ever out do him.
Yes, that week was quite intense, indeed. But attitude and humour always pulls things together.The entire camel incident was hilarious!Being stranded in the middle of a desert isn't all that comforting so what better idea than to keep your mind occupied on catching and hearding a dozen or so camels?!? The intense and exciting feeling of capturing a half wild camel with a tow strap and leading it with a shoelace are far beyond the imagination. As Ammon mentioned previously the shoelace came in quite handy! Use what you've got on your back or in this case on your feet! After a good hour we conquered our camel, a very angry one at that. That wasn't even the beginning though.For having so many rumours of smelling and spitting they don't.....yet. Although ours did start foaming at the mouth, then again it was a very, VERY unhappy camel. I did figure out a little detail about these creatures that I never knew before. They have a nasty, ninja side kick which Bre so kindly discovered. HAH! She got completely wasted by a camel!! All I saw was the camels leg fly out to the side and then I looked back and there Bre was, in mid-air right before she landed on her rump. Oh man, too much!! I have to admit it was the funniest thing that has happened on the trip so far. Also I felt kind of bad for making the camel pull our van since I could've sworn it was about to give birth. But we soon retired it and called it Chewy, our first pet. Then along came Norman and his other 14 or so lizard buds. As you probably noticed we had a lot of time on our hands to sit.......and wait. By the end of the trip, when things started getting messy, Future had convinced himself that Ammon was Jesus, with his long hair and beard, so he started taking back all of his jokes!
I swear these people are trying to kill me:
-Get us stranded in the middle of a deserted desert with NO food and only a little bit of water.
- Getting lost in Tiger Leaping Gorge with NO water in the blazing heat.
-And I'm not sure if any one mentioned this yet but we were in a small tin boat, that had a broken ore, a small leak, no lifejackets and yes, that's right a thunderstorm coming right for us while we were still in the center of the lake! All mom can say is " Oh, what are you fretting about?" Ha, they're all crazy I'll tell you!! Lol
It's unreal and you should all be here with us! So get moving!
Over and out


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