Wednesday, August 31, 2005


To all the People back home!!
First of all it's nice to see white teeth again. Not many people look like pirates with gold teeth or the Terminator with silver teeth anymore.
I love backpackers!! They're instant friends. We all have this special bond. It's like long lost family members. We all help and watch out for each other. It's so cool and easy to get along with everyone. It's pretty funny because we all manage to have the same ridiculous sandle tan lines. People swap a lot of things usually clothes, books or anything they don't need anymore. Bodily functions is a common subject in the backpacker world. ahahah
Passport checks are great fun. It's the only thing we can really brag about to each other. I'm already obsessed with how many stamps and visas I get. Sometimes in the day we have a sudden urge "PASSPORT CHECK." I love hearing other stories. I get a good laugh out of them. It's fun because we now have our own stories to tell. One poor soul dropped his passport in a pit toilet and of course he had to go fishing for it. That has to be everyone's worst nightmare. I mean, you can't wash a passport so what do you do with it after it gets rescued. OOOoooo that's too nasty. The small dorm rooms are great. I'm having a lot of fun with all this. I love the yogurts, they're so good. Back to drinking a lot of tea. This is a little hard to explain but usually
back home you would see people sitting on benches, standing on the side of the road, chatting with a friend etc where as here they "SQUAT." Everywere. This was a shock at first. It doesn't look too comfy. The Sunday market was fabulous, I even picked up a goat head. Way beyond a butcher's shop. You don't see the balls hanging off of sheep and cow carcasses back home. Not exactly a delicasy.
I'll leave you now so I can see what else I can find out here.


At 5:05 PM , Blogger Brittany Lee said...

heya bre! you're soo cute!!!! Give me a hug....Oops! I forgot we're on opposite ends...not for long though!

loves ya!


At 10:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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