Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Homework Assignment

Okay, folks! A few days ago Ammon gave us all a challenge. He said " Write a poem starting with 'slowly' and ending with 'The world turns......slowly'". We all got involved and each of us has written a poem or 2. Even mom. It's up to you to figure out the meanings and who's poem is who's!! comments are always welcome!!! Have fun reading.......

(1) Slowly

Slowly, the realities of life unfold
Everything that was is now a lie
It's a whole new world before my eyes
To remain innocent forever is impossible
One choice can alter everything
Burried truths discovered
What other secrets lay in the dark
Crumbled spirit, shrunken soul, completely let down
The tightest bonds unravelled rapidly
Memories of the past have new meanings
Decisions of another can affect many lives
Why mine at such a cost
Shocked and fully crushed
What a sudden impact
Drying misty eyes
Looking forward mending ways, facing life's obsticles
Choosing paths to follow
Learning, creating, waiting
Time will always tell
The future remains a mystery
As the world turns........slowly

(2) Slowly

Slowly, changes are made
In life upon itself
The sun will rise
The moon shall fade
Choices make differences
But in the end
Everything is revealed
Until then
The water flows
And the world turns......slowly

(3) Slowly

Slowly, change is effected
Slowly, an era begins
Wind swept remains of an earlier age
Silent observers of time
Reminders of gloried days
Rise above the feasts of union
To celebrate future's pact
As enemies of a forgotten past
Renew an ancient sorrow
The name of another
Lends strength to the small
Terror finds its muscle
Mercy all but lost
Tears of grief, the empty stare
Victory at all cost
With a sudden flash
All disappears
In the view of desolation
The dust settles
And the world turns.....slowly

(4) Slowly

As the dust settles
Light renews itself
Colours form majestic thoughts
Brilliance defines adventure
Direction becomes lucid
With another path to follow
And the world turns.......slowly

(5) Slowly

Slowly, an error begins
That darkens your skies
The smallest temptations
Are cracks between lives
The slightest indulgence
Makes them grow wide
Little things start adding
Then exponentially multiply
'Til one day eyes finally open
And you realize
A lifetime of building
Can't bridge the divide
Regrets and self-loathing
Bring tears to your eyes
And in your frustration
You wish you could die
All alone in a new world
Make the most of your side
But beware the temptations
In case you decide
To relive all the horrors
And repeat all the lies
Don't let yourself become
What you once despised
I know you have fears
But there's no need to hide
For life is a circle
But if you are wise
You'll find all your answers
And then you'll know why
You have a new beginning
You have a new try
Though you have lost us
Someday you may fly
And reach your potential
So come now arise
Get yourself started
And waste no more time
Pick up the pieces
Of your shattered pride
'Cause the end hasn't come yet
The pain will subside
For hope lasts as long
As there's day and there's nigh'
And the world turns.....slowly

(6) Slowly

Slowly, the sun melts
Shadows form and darkness swells
The stars have alligned!
Fate shows its past
When pieces seperate the earth
Life dissolves,
And crumbles at your feet
But the dust will settle,
As the world turns.......slowly.

P.s. As you can see a couple of us got a little carried away!!!
'Til next time......


At 12:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gang, I'm willing to bet two of the poems were written by Maggie. They were all brilliant, it was very revealling, and brave to publish your material, you all have guts.
Speaking of which, the description of the market made me howl. I take it you folks have never butchered meat..... lol.
Take care and be great
Love and Bear Hugs Shean

At 12:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great commets and great posts! What left for me to say?

At 5:58 AM , Anonymous Savannah said...

Ammon, I absolutely love your poems. Unbelievable.


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