Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ideal Ride!!

Wow! Now I can really say I've lived life right!
We went to Song Kul Lake for the past few days and besides Bre disrupting everyone's sleep with her over-reacted, endless, puking. It was incredible.
Such a perfect spot to enjoy yourself. Our yurt was planted right on the lake with great atmosphere. No motors or crowds of people by any means! Clear, bright waters leading straight to the other side of the valley. Definately nowhere I've been before. People milking horses, ponnies running free, calves being lazy on the beach and open meadow beneath the rolling hills as far as the eagle soars. Okay, now listen up here! I have been to the ULTIMATE horse heaven! Given a horse, freedom and stretches of land that could not be covered in a day. I'm telling you, it was great! Sure you could look out the window and think "Wow, that would be great for riding" but then when you get up close there are holes, rocks, lumps and the bit. This land had none of that. Short grass and.... well that's about it! I mean it does depend on what kind of horse you get as well. My first horse was worth nothing more than a trip to the glue factory (no joke!) but the second one had a nice, easy canter and could probably run for days straight in the kind of weather we had. Fleeing the storms, riding into the sunset......we had it all! Now it just sucks because nothing will ever impress me compared to this! I might as well retire from ever riding again! Sad, sad, sad! Well...... now that I'm done bragging I'll leave it up to the others to tell stories.
P.s. Terri, I miss you too!!! xoxo


At 1:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

savannah don't worry....ur just to good of a no one sends u comments because there speachless!!!
i'm soooo proud of u!!
luv ur sis!!


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