Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's True. It's All True!

If there is one thing that I love it's to ride full out on a horse! Especially with all the land you could dream of and having no guide. It's true that it will never be as good as that.
This statement only goes to a certain extent! It's all good and fun up to the point where you get a psycho horse that simply will NOT stop! I may be the one who can control horses the best But I swear this horse must have been kept in a cage all its life, looking at all the other horses roaming free. The second it was released it decided to take advantage of his only opportunity, break free and never stop. It ran up and down hills, jumped over anything that could be jumped over, took sharp turns for no reason, chased wild horses and I had to pretty much bail off, to stop it from running off a cliff. Crazy horse, it gave me a workout. But I still had fun.

If there is on thing that I hate the most it is to barf. I must have been something I ate. I was sleeping then all of a sudden I woke up, whacked mom (who was sleeping next to me) then puked all over my bed, over and over again. I haven't barfed in years so I forgot how bad it was, It's the worst. I hate it. It hurt so much. I always panic. I can't breath. I'll never be able to do it without cying. I was sick for 24 hours. I was so embarrassed because the family we sayed with had to clean my sheets, hear me make gross noises, and make me some special natural medicine made from flowers. Oh, that tasted so bad. It was like drinking strong dandylion stems. I hope that is the only time I get sick on this trip.

In Bishkek there are cross walks under the road that have little shopping stands everywere. It's fun. "Lets go shopping underground."



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