Thursday, August 18, 2005


I hope you guys got to see Mars as well as we did the other night at the lake. We had the most unbelievable view of the stars after the moon went down. Best view I've ever seen. It seemed that you could just reach out and touch the big dipper. With no unnatural light out the sky is incredible.
The girls and I have decided to start a stretching regime after Bre discovered that she could no longer do the splits. So every night we do our stretching workout. Bre is back in the splits again and hopefully in a few weeks I will be too. Savannah might take a little longer. Pam will be happy to know that we are also brushing and flossing our teeth regularly.
David W., Bruce and anyone else who likes hiking, you have one month to get ready to join us in Nepal to trek Everest!
Shean, yes there is a difference between these countries. Even though the last few were all under the Soviet umbrella not all that long ago they have developed (or refound) quite a few differences since then. It's the little things. Traditional costumes and hats, that sort of thing. The local food is probably different too though we haven't really tried it. But at the same time people still seem the same. They are all very curious and they have all been really friendly to us. Help comes from unexpected places all the time. Ammon says that taxi drivers are still evil taxi drivers too. It's fun because you never know what's coming next.
By the way Savannah forgot to mention that she has a new found love for baby cows. She wants to take one home and call him Norman.
Lots of love,


At 10:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are all having way to much fun!
It would be great if you would include prices for some of your adventures...for reference sake.
How much does it cost for the horse for what you describe?
What does food cost?
How 'bout a night's accommodation in one of those leaky yurts?
I love following your posts,
Keep safe and keep writing.


At 2:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Maggie, did you enjoy the stillness? We so often forget just how full and crowded the night sky really is, but the stars create a haze they are so numerous. I always enjoy stopping at night in the mountain passes to watch the sky. I never am able to look without hearing the Psalmist; "When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man that Thou art mindful of him?"
Psalm 8:3.

Bre: Didn't your mommy teach you to was your hands after you poop and before you eat? FOFLMAO . You do have my sympathy anyways, I HATE puking!!! Ask your Mom she knows, I could get sick on the Merry go Round, just pathetic. But did sound like food poisoning, hope it's the only time.

Savannah: I personally prefer riding in the valleys among the trees to the plains, the quiet close feeling, which of course gets creepy as night falls.... shivers of delight. Of course if you have seen the other side and the promised land, well who would want to ride again... yeah sure I believe you won't ride again...LOL

Ammon: Hey what did you feed your sister anyways? Oh well, glad you were able to hang on to your player and the camera. And thanks for the side bar message. We'll see......

Love and Bear hugs Shean

At 10:01 PM , Blogger Dawn said...

I like cows too. Especially baby ones.


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