Saturday, September 10, 2005


I just couldn't take the credit for the great work the kids did on their poems. I had privy to the poems as they were being written and after reading all of them, I decided that I'd better throw something in too. I am not a poet and I know it. I found it interesting that most of the poems had very similar themes even though the kids kept them secret from each other. It also makes sense since everyone is having similar feelings lately. Anyways they want to stay anonymus still but I can tell you this, Bre wrote 1 poem, Savannah and Ammon both wrote 2 and I wrote the shortest one #4 (I am forever the optimist) about sunrise.
Again my imagination and reality are not in sync. The pass to Tibet was very open, dry and rather boring. It really didn't seem as though we were going though 3 super high passes, except for the breathing. I was expecting mountains and spectacular snow covered peaks. Oh well I think we will get that on the way to Nepal.
This trip is still well worth it. We have seen so much, the only problem with that is, you discover there is so much more to see!!!! We are very good at doing our laundry in the sink in cold water with smiles on our faces because, we don't have to vacuum, do dishes, cook, cut the lawn, clean the pool or make our beds, hehe!!
We (girls) went for a massage again the other day because we couldn't help ourselves at $7.35 for 90mins. could you? It was still out of Ammon's budet he claims. China has great massages, maybe Nepal does too.
Food has been good since Mongolia so we are healthy and of good weight, even Ammon is doing better then if he were alone (which he would never admit).
Lots of love to all of our followers on this blog.
Maggie the mom
P.S. more posts coming soon!!!!


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