Sunday, September 11, 2005

Breanna Up High!

The nights are definately colder. Even when arriving at Golmud at 6:30am in the dark we were swarmed by taxi drivers who were trying to rip us off. They must have thought we were lazy wallets. They were surprized when we laughed at them and started walking towards the hotel after consulting our map and compass. At leaset six taxis followed us half way along the mile long walk to the hotel, honking and laughing at us. Really, we were the ones laughing at them because we didn't mind the short walk and they were the ones losing business.

The drive to Lhasa was Exciting! The 20 hour drive didn't seem very long at all. Time flies. Actually I was the only one who wasn't affected by the altitude. Ammon is having the worst time and is still feeling terrible. Poor baby. We always knew women were the stronger ones. . Then again lets call it even because we were the ones sick in Kashgar. Serves him right for calling us wimps. The difference is that we are taking good care of him. We hope he will be better by his birthday so that we can go to the Potala Palace.

Even when arriving at 1:00 am in the morning we can always count on someone sleeping by the door of the shops and guest houses. I wasn't shy about hammering on the front door. The guy who let us in was very friendly but half asleep and in his long johns. He said " Here is your key, pay in the morning". We were all too tired too function.

I just realized that I havn't worn a seatbelt in what seems like forever. The saftey rules are lacking. WOW. There are no seatbelts or limit to how many people can cram themselves into a vehicle.

Looking forward to getting another visa and seeing Lhasa!
Not to brag or anything but I have to go do some more cool stuff!
P.S. Just because I say random things all the time doesn't mean I have the altitude sickness that Ammon is accusing me of having.


At 6:09 PM , Blogger Sandra said...

Are you sure you don't have altitude sickness??? haha... Tell Ammon don't be a wimp, don't die and get welllllll soon. Yes you have to say Wellllllll instead of just well. Or just feed him some sugar so he can have sugar high.
Go back to my readings now!
missssss youuuuuuu,
Sillllly Sannnnnnnnndra
P.S.Greeting to maggie-the mommmmm and savannnnnnnah, too!

At 9:14 PM , Blogger Sandra said...

I have been thinking of you guys a lot as another group in back from their mission trip in Sri Lanka today. I like their stories, but more excited about hearing from you guys in person. Still waiting... sad sad .. Just drop by to see any update, but I guess you guys did go to Potala Palace.

Here is an additional birthday message especially for the birthday guy. To celebrate your birthday, I name the new born mice in my test group, "Toa toa". He is born early this morning, so sept 13 vancouver time. He has a baby sister, and her name is "Pansy". My supervisor named her "Pansy" as she likes flowers and "Toa toa" is the only non-flower name. That will be a permanent record in the company file. You should feel yourself special.
"Hun run toa toa ho ching yun"
Happy Birthday, Ammon!
P.S. My supervisor cannot pronounce "toa toa" right, and she said cuz she is white. But I told her you are white, too! Just you don't speak the proper English anymore!


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