Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Holy Province of Tibet

I just want to quickly add that I feel sorry for any country that's official language isn't English because most of the foreign countries have over-reacted acting and sucky music! Also, this morning we, as normal, were able to spend a grand total of $2.00 for breakfast to stuff the four of us (including 1 pop) and we even managed to leave left overs! It was good food too. I must say that I am Buddha'd out. I have had my share of monasteries in my life time and find no need to see another one!! I don't particuarly enjoy the dim lighting, kindergartener fabric and drawing styles, unrealisic features of the buddha statues and clutter of it all. I much prefer the look of Catholic Churches! Rest assure none of us will be converting to Buddhism any time soon!
For interest's sake.....
- It is quite a task to find shaving cream and the times when we luck out it turns out to be bad quality. (Ammon's going to be stuck with a beard for a while, haha sucker)
- Deodorant is impossible to find in China.....and certain (necessary) feminine products!
- Showers are always a surprise. You're either get stuck with a lame little dribble, cursed with cold, it may or may not have a door, don't know if the right or left knob is hot, and sometimes you'll get a perfectly fine shower (good pressure and hot) that is in the same tiny room with the dirty, Chinese!
- Oh yes, and we've also had our variety of good and bad toilet papers. It ranges from recycled cardboard (almost sand paper) to soft like home.....the worst being in Russia!
-China still has the prize for nastiest toilets!!!
-We're still paying $2.00-$4.00 a night and they really aren't as bad a you guys think for being so cheap. They just don't charge a lot....
- As for smoking.....We've probably lost 5 years of life because they smoke in restaurants, bathrooms, buses, stores etc. etc...... 24/7 I'll tell ya. Even, next to me in the internet cafe at this very moment.
- The beggers are annoying but smart to hang out around all the "rich" tourist!! I think when the kids start coming into the restaurants and ask for your food it's pushing it though!!

I should end this now. Haha, when I started I said it was only going to be a quick note. I guess I got a little carried away.
I'm looking forward to getting out of China and seeing new surroundings!


At 3:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savannah I do not appreciate what you wrote. You are insulting people here, and this is not funny. Your writing is not making any sense. What is "over-reacted" acting and "sucky" music? Why are you out there? To meet people and to appreciate people who are different from you. If you cannot do this, GO home! If you do not know how to respect people and learn from the others, you are not a good friend. And you will not have any! Besides, YOU are not any better than the others, and I can say everyone is better than you.
Read what you wrote agian and be considerate! Please know what you are doing and why. Very disappointed after reading this, and I do not think I want to read this site anymore.
I am sorry to say this to you in front of your friends and family, but I am sure I am not the only one who wants to say this. I feel sorry for your parents and friends.

At 10:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath anonymous. Opinions. I know you skipped the age of 15 and being proud and all, but I'm pretty thankful for our toilet paper too. I don't know about you Grace, but it breaks my heart that someone suffering obvious personal issues with China isn't going to read this site anymore. Who's site is this anyway?

Say what you want babe but ease up a bit.

Big bro Sky

At 3:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anonymous", lighten up. I am not insulted with what Savannah wrote. Her writing makes sense, and it came after I emailed the gang to give us information on the personal amenities of their trip, including the great stuff of which Savannah wrote. I am sure Mag and the gang are appreciating people they are meeting, even if not westernized like us. Savannah, and all of the gang, have a friend in me, and I consider all of them to be as good, or "better" than you seem to imply. If you can't stand the "heat" (facts), leave the "kitchen" (weblog). Thank you, Savannah, for the good job you did;you answered my questions just fine. Grampa Dr. Jim

At 6:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

China is not as bad as you think and see if you are willing to spend money to visit the rich countries. My suggestion to your group: Hongkong (Maybe you did according to comment from Sandra), Shanghai, and Beijing. Hongkong is very rich and beautiful. You can see people there are different from the rest of the Big China. They are rich and well educated. Almost everyone speaks English and the kids are really smart. Hotels are big and clean BUT expensive. Only thing I hate is the air.
Shanghai, and Beijing are not too bad. Still expensive, but not as expensive. People there are the same as the rest of China, only they are rich and some of them can speak English. I like Shanghai more than Beijing, because of the food.
If you have extra money, you should go to those places. However, small towns in China are beautiful, and people there are really nice.

Savannah should be careful with your words, and I agree with the anonymous.

Seamus from Paris


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