Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No News is Good News

I feel sorry for Ammon not only does he have four women with him, he has to deal with everyone thinking that I am his wife and that Bre and Savannah are his twin daughters. We're looking forward to seeing where they're going to fit Brittany into this picture! Really, you wouldn't believe how many times a day the girls get asked if they are twins. Ammon gets " Oh, you go talk to your wife and daughters about it!" So funny. I guess it's because I look so young and beautiful or maybe....Ammon just looks really old, hahah.
Well I guess you know we're heading up the mountain for probably, well actually, our toughest challenge yet! So wish us luck and pray. Just remember, no news is good news! Don't worry and we'll talk to you soon enough! There might be internet at the base camp if so we will try to get word out.
Should be great and beautiful in the Himalayan mountains!!
love to all
Maggie the mom


At 6:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ammon, you are still young and good-looking. Still, it was an honor to you and your Mother for locals to associate you two in that way. Maybe Sigmund Freud would at first raise an eyebrow, but I thought it was a good, and honorable, thought among the "natives". Good to have Brittany along, huh? Candy energy, and another female to leave you behind with the drooling locals. At least you and Maggie answered my question about how you guys are financing part of your trip--bank cards. I should have known that, because my American Express and VISA would be my constant companion. Savannah, how are you? Over the "anonymous" comment? I hope so, because it was honest, and forthright. Grampa/Dr Jim

At 10:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys still alive? This earthquake that just happened is making me wonder if maybe Mount Everest slid down on you all.

Man, that would be so not funny if it was true.


At 9:15 AM , Blogger Sandra said...

I had the same question earlier. If anyone reading this site is worrying, here I found this site:
Click on latest news. They update almost everyday.


P.S. If you guys don't really know what "earthquake" we are refering here cuz you guys are having so much fun in Everest, read the email that I sent out 2 days ago.


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