Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tibet Is so Cool! - Breanna

Wow, all you poor guys back home, sitting on the couch watching T.V. ahahah, while I'm out here in Tibet! Suckers. heheh
I went to the coolest Monastary! (Drepung) It is the biggest in Tibet. 10 000 monks used to live there. Now only 700 live there after the communists killed them. It's built on the side of a mountain. They have lots of prayer flags and scriptures carved into flat rocks. They use solar panels to heat their water. Never seen that before. It was so beautiful looking down on the city while standing on the roofs of all the different buildings. So peaceful and quiet. It was awsome because there were no fences or boundaries. You would never be able to go on a roof of a building so high off the ground without a fence surrounding the place. We even got to see the monks during one of their debates. They would all gather around and debate with each other, in groups of two or three. Of course we didn't know what they were saying and they looked pretty funny because they were waving their arms and slapping their hands in front of the other guys face. Still interesting to watch. There was one thing that bothered me, the way there are pilles of money everywhere, all over the floor, over-flowing the counters and donation boxes, in the candle wax, stuffed in the edges of the glass surounding some statues, in cupboards, stuck on the walls etc. Seriously they should be using the money instead of letting it be wasted or having the possibility of it being stolen. (By me) heeheh just kidding. Really it's annoying.

The Potala Palace was cool because I got to see where the Dalai Lamas lived and their tombs. Amazing how much gold and jewels they used on their coffins. I wonder what each of the Dalai Lamas thought about when he looked at the previous Dalai Lama's tomb. Considering that he WAS the previous Dalai Lama. The inside was actually dull and boring because it was so repetitive. I got attacked by ladies trying to sell me beads and prayer spinners. They literally shoved something into my hands and refused to take it back. I was thinking about just putting it on the ground and running away but I managed to quickly toss it into one of their pockets and bolt.
I got a sweet Tibet shirt!!
I feel like I have altitude sickness (in a happy way), it is weird how Savannah can't finish our leftovers, Ammon has been dragging behind and the only thing I've noticed about mom is that she can't throw cards across the room with out them scattering everywhere.


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