Saturday, October 15, 2005

Breanna's Hike

I've seen Mt Everest with my own eyes!! I wrote a poem at the top of Kala Pathar!
"Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'll never climb these mountains again. How about you?". haahh, kinda lame! That was what I was thinking at the time. It was a pretty insane hike considering that it was pitch black and freezing at four thirty in the morning when we started to hike to the very top. It wasn't the easiest to breathe. There's no way I could eat a snickers bar and walk at the same time. The view was fabulous! I'm surprized that my legs never hurt. I usually brushed my teeth on the go to waste time and music really helps the hours pass by faster. I was shocked when we came across sand. Lots of sand. It was weird to be walking in sand while it was lighly snowing in the mountains.

I did get a headache a few times and my toe still hurts but I can't really complain too much because I was only carrying a day pack while the porters had our huge packs that were so heavy. It's amazing to watch one of them hauling up such huge amounts of weight. Very tough and strong! We had a blast the night we got a bunch of locals and porters to dance for us! We took lots of funny pictures. I laughed myself to tears. They are all full of character, some of them even ate with their hands, so sloppy. We showed each other different dances, silly tricks and sang songs. I had one of the songs stuck in my head for the longest time. The porters were great!

My retainer was stepped on, crushed into pieces, I hope super glue will do the trick.

The lodges were small. One wasn't even finished being built so we ended up waiting for our room to be topped off before we could go in. Yeah, the blankets smelled so the owners sprayed freshener all over them. This only made our headaches worse. We had to use a lot of candles at night. At one point Savannah, Britt and I took a shower. Getting out was terrible because we only had one towel and none of those places were heated. I hate it when the toilets are outside because at night the water used for flushing freezes over. The nights weren't the best at all. Savannah, Britt and I always shared a double bed bedroom. This is how a usual conversation in the night went.

"I'm so cold, come cuddle me."
"I'm squished, I can't breath."
"I'm crammed against the wall, move over."
"I can't move over, I'm falling off the bed."
"These blankets stink."
"My stomach hurts."
"Pass the water, my throat's so dry."
"Stop kicking."
"Who's snoring? Shut up."
"You shut up."
"I'm falling through the beds, we need to push them back together."

One time Britt made go to the bathroom with her because she said it was so scary outside and she needed protection. She claimed that it was "Blair Witch Project x 4 ."
As you can tell we never got a good night's sleep.

It's awesome having Britt here! Yay, someone from home!! I was really happy to see all the candy and special treats she brought for us!! We actually had to split it all evenly to avoid any fighting, all the way down to the half gummy bear. I couldn't help myself, I gobbled up my bag of candies in 3 days. How could I possibly save them when they smell so good, and are calling my name!?!? ahah Heavenly!! Then of course Ammon has to wave his full bag in front of me. Teasing me for the longest time. What a jerk.

It was so weird to watch people gather yak crap into huge piles, make them into pancake shapes and stick them on rocks to dry. All of this was done with their bare hands. Once they were finished they would come make us dinner, how lovely. Let's not think of that anymore.... We call them Poo Poo Paties! Too funny. After they dry they use them for firewood. Yuck!

I was getting sick of the food. I survived off of mushroom soup! Totally sucks when all the prices of the good stuff sky rockets off the charts the higher you go. Not fair. We actually ran into some fellow Canadians!! We ended up talking about tape worms. Ewww. This conversation took place in the dinning room while everyone was eating their dinner. Of course we are always the loudest ones in the whole joint. It was cool to be one of the youngest ones there!

In the airport we had to be frisked twice. I couldn't help it when I burst out laughing, Britt's face was priceless! But the airplane was fun! Not nearly as cool as the helicoper! That was freakin' rad man. First of all, I hadn't ever been in a helicopter and it wasn't some stupid arranged tour or anything. They simply said "Load them up" like cargo or something. We didn't even have seat belts or head sets. We're luckey we even got seats. We got to do whatever we wanted including dancing around, switching seats (never keeping still by any means) and taking pictures like crazy. I loved it. That was definately something to tick off the "To do list". Amazingly cool. I only wish it could have lasted longer.

This is all too fun! Ready for the next adventure! I can handle it! Bring it on Baby!



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