Thursday, October 27, 2005

In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle - Breanna

I can officially say that I've seen the jungle first hand while riding an elephant. The safari was the sweetest deal ever. It was so beautiful. Elephantbackriding, hahah that's funny. It was so much fun riding through the jungle on the biggest male elephant they had, 10 feet tall. Even though it was raining I still had a blast. We sat on top in a boxcart while the driver sat on its bare neck and steered with his feet and had a stick to whap it on the head if it misbehaved. At the time I was thinking "I wish I got to sit on its bare skin and get out of this box". (Not knowing that I would be able to.) I went crazy when we got to swim with the elephants because there were no rules! We climbed all over it. The skin is kinda rough and has prickly hairs which was kinda surprising. The elephant did tricks in the water, tossing, turning and shaking around, dunking its head, rolling around, spraying water and flipping us off. Hard to keep balanced when all of that is happening. It was so much fun. One of the most fun things I've ever done, believe it or not. I fell on it's face a few times and got tossed into the air by its trunk. I laughed so hard. Of course we had a crowd of people watching us. The baby elephants were the darndest things, so cute. I was teaching one to climb a fence. Yup we fed them cookies, they went crazy for them, always looking around with their trunks for more. I loved how there were no fences and how we could actually play with them, compared to looking at them from behind glass.
The water was nice and warm which made everything 10 times better and it's nice when the sun is so hot that it dries you almost instantly. I cant believe we were actually swimming in crocodile infested waters. Risky dare devils I'll say.
I was getting a kick out of riding on top of the jeep. Our guide was awsome, he let us do whatever we wanted. One night was hilarious because Ammon spent an hour trying to kill a huge spider that looked like one of the egg laying aliens (from the movie Aliens) . So scary but so funny at the same time because Ammon was jumping on his bed and bouncing around the room like some kind of possessed person attacking a spider with mom's walking stick. I couldn't believe it. We also came in contact with many other huge creepy bugs that didn't survive long when they entered the room. I actually had a leech suck my blood. I didn't even notice until it let go. I was changing my pants when I realized that I had blood all over my leg.
"What is all this from?" I was so confused. Then I found the little gushing mark on the side of my knee that solved all confusion. Then Savannah had one on her foot. It was funny and weird at the same time. The lizards and frogs were cute, we had fun catching those. I hate moquitos, I have too many bites. Being in the wild is great fun but it's kinda like living in the discovery channel because we see all the animals in live action, if you know what I mean. I don't like taking the buses for hours because I always have to go to the bathroom and the bus never seems to stop. It's crazy because I wake up so early naturally compared to how late I used to sleep in at home. It get's dark here at 5 pm.


At 9:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tale brings memories to me of Rudyard Kipling's writings about India, elephants, children, etc. Enjoyed your posting, Breanna. Love, Grampa Jim


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