Thursday, October 20, 2005

Laziness in Kathmandu

Well, I must admit that I am glad to be finally leaving Kathmandu. We've been doing a lot of reading and sitting around as we'd seen what we wanted to of Kathmandu before we went trekking. A week is too long to be sitting around being lazy and trying to get fat. I think the latter is working a little though as Savannah, Brittany and I have taken to raiding the bakery in the evenings when the cakes and strudels are half price. Mmmmm...... bakery goodies.....
The weather, apart from the last 2 days has been quite agreeable though I could wish for less pollution and noise on the streets. Ah, the joys of city life..... Finally we got our Indian visa so we will leave first thing tomorrow morning to start up the adventures once again. We have a 3 day, 2 night "safari" planned in Chitwan National Park. Elephant riding and such looking for Rhinos. Should be good. From there we will head to India via the eastern border of Nepal heading toward Darjeeling and Sikkim (a semiautonomous state in India located between Nepal and Bhutan). Thus we will start in the east (farther from Pakistan and earthquakes) and will make our way toward Bangladesh (currently rated the worst country on the recently released Corruptions Index, don't worry Nepal and India don't rank much better) via Calcutta.


At 9:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be interested in your impressions of conditions in Calcutta, to compare with those of my daughter Deborah who visited there and got to meet Mother Theresa and see her center. It is interesting how 12 million or more people can mingle and function in the range of conditions in this classic city. I have been re-reading William O. Douglas' (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) book "Beyond the High Himalayas" and, if you ever read the book, would be interested in how his treks compare with your own. I think you and your Mom should put together an outline of your own book and write it. Love, Jim


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