Saturday, November 05, 2005


India...Well that's a big topic. I think I'll just sum it down to shopping. That's where all the fun is anyways!! The style here is so fun. So much variety in colour, combinations and fabrics. The last few days have been spent deciding and planning our salwar kamis outfits and buying more and more. We got fabulous skirts for under $4.00, gold and costume earings for cheap and a salwar kamis is on average 600Rs. ( $18.00) for fabric and 125 Rs. ( $3.00) for the tailoring. So now our suits are in the shop being made. Our tailors are actually incredibly kind and have invited us again to come eat dinner with them. So exciting. Paki dots, make-up, bright colours, gold, gold and more gold! I am almost completely decked out and looking like a true Indian princess. All I need now is to work on that tan. Which seems a bit hard when you can't show much skin, if any, in this culture. I think it would be a good time to head for the beaches now.....



At 3:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bre, You are so cute, i love your email... They don't write email because they are too busy reading the great posts here.(like myself!) Remember no matter how long and how far you are away from home, you are always in your friends' heart. They will not forget about you because you won't forget about them too, rite?
Savannah seems you are having great time there with your shopping and "gold n gold n gold"

Have fun n take care! Don't let anyone steal the Indian princess.



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