Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mountain roads

We spent a couple of days in Darjeeling then headed off by jeep to Pelling in Sikkim. Enjoyed a few days in Pelling as well, before heading, yet again by jeep, to Siliguri on our way to Kolkuta (Calcutta). We are now currently in Siliguri waiting for our 7:00pm. over-night bus to finish our journey to Kolkuta.
We have said our goodbyes to the Himalaya range. After being in them for the past month and a half it's nice to be back to hot weather and flat roads. Now let me tell you about skinny, mountain roads! If the "Wild Mouse" at the P.N.E makes you nervous, then the roads in Sikkim would terrify you, and if it scares you then you would absolutely die of fright. It's hairpin turn, after hairpin, after hairpin, after hairpin...... on a one and a half lane, two way traffic road. They drive in the middle of the lane, speed around blind corners with no guard rails (to protect you from the sheer drops that you can't bare to look over) and when they meet on-coming traffic, it's chicken, until the last fraction of a second! Never mind the fact that they all have bald tires too. Very nerve racking, Brittany didn't do too well to be honest. The rest of us are now immune to reckless driving (we haven't worn a seat belt for six months due to the fact that they are non-existent) and spend our time absorbed in the spectacular scenery. We're going to miss the mountains but beaches are calling to us. So far so good in India. Looking forward to more.
Maggie the mom
P.s. We have added some Safari pictures to the Nepal folder in our www.watkinstravel.myphotoalbum.com if you'd like to look. Also we've added another video.


At 8:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deborah visited Calcutta and came away wiser and sobered by the time she spent walking the streets, seeing the large-city conditions where a lot of money and TLC needs to be expended, going to see Mother Theresa, and amazed at the survival of 12 million people in this former British East India Company capitol. Enjoyed reading your trek through the Himalayas, and now glad you are warmer. Love, Jim

At 8:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings Maggie-the-mom, Ammon, Bre, Savannah!
Halloween was fun here and I am back from my terrible month! BUT still Alive! We adjusted our clock the past Satursday, so winter is here finally!
I hope you are all doing well, but be extra careful in India. Take good care of each other!
I miss you guys ... so much ....

Savannah you know you did a really good job in your last post, I am very proud of you! Sandra is learning from you, too!

Bre, don't kill Bittany and I hope she will do better soon. Please say Hi to her for me. Oh ...any cavities after all the SU..uuuu...GARRRRRRR????

Maggie-the-mom's "hairpin" after "hairpain" makes me think about my old days learning
"hairpin DNA". If you don't get what I mean... don't worry! May Mr. Ammon do a little clarification
for me? Plzzzz...hehe...Yes I am still the silllllly Sannnnndra!

Ammon, pls wait for my email... working on it (the one I should send earlier )... but you know my life is like busy-lazy-busy-lazy... Sigh... these 2 words just like each other so much n keep sticking in my life ...

I am too tired and start talk silly again ..

Hope you all well... and take care, OK?

Love you guys... miss you guys so much here..for now I guess I can only send my long distance hugs here....



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