Saturday, November 26, 2005

Shark attack - Breanna

Just a quick post, ahahahah for all of you back home missing out on this crazy adventure. Travelling really can be an eye opener. The Maldives.....................Tropical paradise........I'll take it. yummmm coconut and pineapple. That's another thing about being here, there's a lot available.
Definately a nice relax on the beach. I couldn't believe how warm and clear the water was. Perfect colour combo. Snorkeling to me, is always a fun way to check out the variety of beautiful fish until the music from the movie "Jaws" started playing in my head. Can you guess where this is leading? I admit it, I'm deathly afraid of sharks. Well, maybe not deathly afraid but definately really scared of them. Considering it was getting dark out, I spooked and swam backwards as fast as my little flippers could go! I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings. That's probably the best explanation for skinning my arse on a hunk of coral. This is so stupid because it was the only thing I could have run into! The funny thing was that at the time I was in total panic and thought a shark had just bit me in the butt!!! I swear I had a mild heart attack! I never swam so fast in my life. Don't worry I made it to the shore and we never did actually see a shark. Just my mind playing tricks on me again. I still had lots of fun. After all I AM the only one who didn't get burnt! I love taking airplanes. They're so much fun.
I can't wait to see who the next one to meet up with us will be.
I'll just wait for you on this side of the world!
Just keep dreaming like me the dreamer!!! (*~BreFairy~*)


At 7:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey BreFairy!

it's s0o Grrreeat to hear from you again! I must say... I generally read each of your posts' several times over... where I get to the point where I memorize and start to emphasize the way you think.

you know, it's unbelievable how neither of us can spell anything. we must be suffering from Dyslexia. oh well, it doesn't really matter... I really only try when i'm in school. who said this was supposed to be an essay anyways?

well, I now know that $500cdn is $600us. as I was traveling down in the states the cars brakes just went out, I know it's so foreign eh. but yeah, in addition, the highway or the long road (chosed the long road), turn on man street or keep going (tunred on main street, took a left actually). so what i'm saying is... life is full of decisions, and it looks like I made the right ones because the brakes couldn't have gone out at a more better time. Once I reached my designated spot (the parking lot of the mall, where the Old Country Buffet was) it was then when the brakes failed. to make matters even better, the maintenace for fixing the brakes was right across the street from the parking lot. no wonder they say "trust your midas touch".

in concluding to the farewell -- I wrote a poem while I was traveling through my journey. let's call it "BreDreamer: the travel guide"

Don't live your moment...

Something that is from the past,

Always live in present time,

And gladly see what the moment of truth has.

Never stop to ask yourself if this is now or never

For when everything is said and done...

We will remember how great things used to be,

When the things that matter most stay with us forever.

What does a time line do?

It defines the moments that become issues.

The only way through is to know,

To know where to go when the wind hits you.

Between the lines are where secret messages are kept

Only those who accept will be able to shine,

Everyone else that could not see will someday know...

What it was that could not be defined.

this isn't my best work, it's kinda lame. but that's ok. Ammon can teach me something along the way.

At 11:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the lovely BreFairy,
Can you hear that??? Dried squid is calling you...

At 9:26 PM , Blogger Katie Summers said...

haha, the thing about thinking the coral was a shark was funny. Sharks are actually friendly, I can tell you that from experience. I have dived with them (no cage) and it was fine. Just you shouldn't make any huge sudden movements etc.
PEACE OUT... great postcard btw.
I am going to set up a travel blog for when I go to newyork in 4 weeks (december 29th!) for a week. The hotel has free internet!d


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