Friday, January 20, 2006

Rat temple

I don't know how to say this but the Rat temple at Deshnok (near Bikaner) has got to be the coolest thing in all of India. Hindus consider rats to be a sacred animal (don't ask me why, but there is definately no shortage here in India) and have dedicated a temple to them. It's the strangest thing ever because it is a beautiful temple and a holy place with plenty of legit pilgrims but the place is completely infested with rats. Intentionally of course. They feed them and leave out big bowls of milk for them to drink. The idea is to take your shoes off and walk around hoping that the rats will run over your feet. It's considered good luck, but I think the best we got was the odd rat nibbling on our toes!! Actually I think Alysha had a pair sitting on top of her foot so she's really lucky now. Savannah found the white rat (also a very auspicious sign) too.
Yeah it's all pretty creepy but loads of fun, especially as none of us are afraid of rats (these ones were quite tame really) and there are groups of screaming Indians trying to do their holy thing but deathly afraid at the same time. Definately one of the best days in a while.......


At 8:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comment is back... You guys are there now!!!! I miss you guys like crazy here already! When I read the post this time, I can 'see' what is going on in my head!!! I am serious about this! I can see Maggie the mom's cutest feet (Not influenced by Savannah) with Dr.pepper red nail polish ... Ammon with the cleanest and biggest feet, Savannah and Bre (haha... secret between us now...)
Flip-flop waiting outside the temple...etc...I can feel the atmosphere here, too!!! I like this feeling, it brings me close to you guys again...
Got to go, email follows...
Luv xoxox


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