Friday, February 03, 2006


Well Shean, the pop actually does have a slightly different taste from country to country ( ust like Canadian and American pepsi does too!). In the touristy areas you can usually get both coke and pepsi. Most remote areas either have ONLY pepsi or ONLY coke not both. It's almost always a gaurantee that they'll have some sort of cola product! Unfortunately NO one has Dr. Pepper although I did get one in Cochin! Heheh, that's only because Sandra brought it with her ;) !! Savannah says that if you like orange pop, the Fanta in China was the best for sure (as well as their yoghurt)!
Bruce, as far as bugs go.....well there have been very few. We do see cochroaches everywhere from tiny to big but they're just there and don't really bother us. I think the worst case was on a train from Kolkata to Trivandrum. We see lots of mosquitos in the south of India. Dungbeetles in the desert. No spiders except for the monster one Ammon chased from under his bed all night long in Chitwan, Nepal. Rats are commonly found running around on the streets. Mice in restaurants and hotel rooms are also a regular event. That's just the way it is in most of these countries! Lots of cute beetles in all sizes and lizards. I guess that's about it.
Today we are in Junagadh wandering about without Ammon because he's in bed whining (Can you believe it!?). Hopefully he'll be feeling better in a few days. Otherwise we'll leave him there, hhaha!! We all feel fine so we don't know what his problem is! Nothing serious I'm sure. Keep the comments coming we're really enjoying them. We now know that 17 at least are following along! Yyahoo....
Talk to you all again soon,
Maggie the mom


At 6:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone - You are all well seasoned travellers and have a wealth of information that you probably take for granted. I would be interested in hearing of a typical day sunrise to sunset. Average expendatures for lodging, travel and food. Do you have parameters or is everyday a new goal? So many questions now that you got me started.


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