Sunday, February 26, 2006


Hey guys!!! You will never believe what we got to do today!!!
Well for starters... some lady stopped mom on the street and told her that Bollywood productions needed more extras in a movie shoot for the next morning. We decided that it would be great fun, and BONUS money. We were picked up at 6:30am along with 45 other white foreigners. The set was on an airplane. As extras we were told to sleep, listen to music, read, mime talk, relax and enjoy the fake flight. We were fed breakfast, lunch, tons of chai, drinks, and snacks. I loved it!!! Plus, I've been thinking maybe I should be a flight attendant when I go home. ahah There were the crazy parts.................... like the part when we had to film the nightmare scene. OOOooooOOOOoo scary. We all had the weirdest masks on while red lights flashed, a huge fan blowing everything around, oxygen masks and cords hanging out, total chaos. Savannah and I were having fun with the acting. Although lots of the time we were outside waiting around and being pampered or being told "Everyone quiet on set". I always wanted to hear the word "ACTION"!
So much Fun!!!! I've had my debut in the movie industry. Call us super stars from now on!! Wink wink nudge nudge. hehe

The funniest thing that happened with Paul is.......Well how do I put this? Right after we picked him up, we all were walking down the street together but quite spread out. I guess it hadn't really hit me yet that he was actually with us. I remember looking up and thinking to my self "Hey, that guy really looks like Paul". Seconds later I realized I was an idiot and laughed my head off. So did the others when I told them. The other funny thing he did was when we were at the caves. Some guys were trying to sneak pictures of us (AGAIN). So Paul leaped up and jumped in front of the camera to protect us girls. That was pretty dang funny, we all laughed so hard because we didn't know what he was doing at first, we hadn't even seen the camera.
Just picture Paul flying though the air........ ahahahahha. What a character. I think we are running him into the ground. Boys are wimps anyways. Yey, girls kick butt!!

Having a great time still, but we are tired of India so we are planning on leaving very soon. Thanks Sandra for sending all our goodies with Paul! You're the Best!
Missing you guys, don't change too much.
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At 4:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


u guys r sooo cute...:)

well once again i'm soo puod of u guys...and i can't wait to come see u :)

luv ya sis/daughter

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Brittany Lee said...

Hope you like the video. Im glad you guys got in a movie. dats cool.

At 9:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more thank you! I WANT and LOVE doing packing for you guys! (Thanks Paul for carrying those stuffs!) Just got the wireless connection works again, but still on and off ...Don't know if you guys will get on train again before you leave India, if so... should take a picture of "coffee coffee coffee", do you know I miss the human alarm clock and now I think I should have take a picture of them... well you know sometimes you just don't realize how special that scene is 'til you don't see that scene anymore! I miss Masala Chai somehow...also the "chaaaaiiiii chaiiiii chaaaaaaiii"... 'coffee coffee coffee" ... But I MISS YOU GUYS THE MOST :)

At 2:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mammoth! this was my word of the day today. where did this come from? it came from the gym. today i went to the gym with MilitarySean, who took this protein shake with him; the stuff he's taking is called "Mammoth". so everytime he was having trouble lifting a rep i would say "Mammoth!". and then he would laugh, which would make it even harder for him to carry on and finish his set. it also came to my attention that Sean is joining the Marines pretty soon. which is pretty good in Seans case, because sean has always been looking forward to being all he can be. so comparing him to your brother would be pretty darn impressive.

It's still all good. atleast we can still be a somebody. and now that we're together in the show biz... that means we're in business. the chronicles of Gambit is unvealed in disocraig. "the man with the cards" says "any card works, as long as it isn't a joker".
the movie Air Time should be getting alot of attention, so i'll be looking forward to seeing the reviews for that movie. here's a quick preview of the movie for anyone that wants to be a somebody... the movie will be starring Breanna Watkins as "BreFairy". in this film, what happens is... there's a plane, and it's flying home, but where is home. thats it. "home" is the twist of the movie. it's left for the audience sitting at the edge of there seat holding onto their last breath and seeing til the end where the plane. (run on sentence). but heres the ultimate twist... the plane doesn't land anywhere; it does indeed crash. now heres the real twist you might be asking yourself, "how many survivors will there be?" heres my answer... how many people on this plane can fly? figure it out. this is the problem of the day. So Brefairy... are you seeing some sequals happening here. opps! I wasn't suppose to tell anyone. oh well, this will just be a little bonus preview for anyone who comes to visit this site. movie updates will be taking place regularly.

Now for the finishing touches. every good screenwriter knows that the outline is a vital component in developing a successful, memorable movie; without a solid outline a story is more liable than not to fall utterly apart before it gets too far along. but a dirty little secret we writers know is that most of us HATE writing outlines! now along comes Movie Outline to make outlining not only easier but actually fun. I thoroughly enjoyed working with it and found it easy to use, well designed, helpful and entertaining. if you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, this program can aid greatly in your creative process.

words of inspiration: When I say that screenplays are structured, it's simply making the spine. and you must protect that spine. there can be wonderful scenes but if they're off the spine and you see them in a movie, and they will simply die.

I leave you in good health and wish you all well. again, Mammoth!


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