Thursday, February 09, 2006

My First Evers - Alysha

In the streets of India...
I could wirte of elaborate temples, diverse landscapes, life-size floating castles and sand castles, or cultural diversity in general but still the words would probably escape me. So, I want to say alittle something about what I have seen in the streets of India because I think it would give some insight to what I have seen with the Watkins these past three weeks. It began in New Delhi, where I saw my first ever publicly roaming cow whose horns nearly struck me as I drove into the city from the airport in my first ever tuk-tuk ride. Next, we moved to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and I stared down at the street the next morning from our hotel balcony. It was this day when my jaw dropped as I noticed for the first time ever, a city with barely any women. I saw a dirt road filled with tuk-tuks, a variety of livestock, sellers' carts and men. On the streets of Bikaner I saw my first ever camel (instead of an ox) pulling a grain cart on the main road. Their shear size made me think of myself in a time of domesticated dinosaurs. In Jaisalmer I recieved my first ever Indian name, Sapna, from my 12 year old camel driver, Raman, or as I thought of him: my adopted son. I miss him already. In Udaipur I saw my first ever elephant walking down the street. It was painted and decorated as if it didn't need any more attention. In the streets of Veraval I saw my first ever showing of a man lying by the side of the road, belly down, head buried deep in the dirt, sweeping and wiggling as to submerge further. I am still curious about this one. On the way back in roughly the same place, we saw a goat giving birth, overlooked and faded into the goings on. In Somnath I saw my first ever Message In A Coconut, thrown into the Indian Ocean aimed for Tanzania. I'm beginning to think that Indians arent the only crazy people in this world. I'm not going to mention any names, ok Savannah? ok. From here I experienced my first ever 50 hour transportation extravaganza, however typical of a Watkins pass time this is, the ten plus modes of transport was surely a first ever for me. In a train station in Bombay, I saw my first ever Indian five-second train stop, where I was compressed on all sides by humans leaping on and off the train. This is my new definition for 'the wrong place at the wrong time'. On the streets of Hampi I saw my first ever goat strung upside down by its back legs hanging from a tree. Another mystery.
Back to the streets: Over the course of the past three weeks I have seen one particular reoccuring sight in these streets of India. Because I am a dreamer/drifter/over-stimulated wanderer I often find myself picking up the rear behind a well-oiled backpacking quartet. Ammon, the tallest beakon and token male in front, constantly waving the back of his hand at tuk-tuk drivers, laughing at their ridiculous price proposals. Maggie, with her full bag of green peas as if it were popcorn, marking our path with a green trail of empty shells. Bre marching with ease being a good trooper. And Savannah, always creating new and witty responses (that always make me laugh) to the overly asked questions of the curious children following and poking her. I see a quartet of seasoned, fun travellers and I feel lucky to have had so many 'first ever' experiences in their company. Now it is back to China for me, I'll miss you! -Alysha


At 4:30 PM , Blogger Brittany Lee said...

Hey guys! its britt! Alysha I loved your blog it was amazing! as for the stupid video I for some reason cant get it uploaded on the computer. I havent given up intirely yet so we'll see what happens. Anyways it great to see you guys are having soo much fun. I widh I were there! Ireland is a bit gloomy especially when youre working for a family with two bratty little boys (I bet bre smiled lol) But anyways email me bre I wanna talk with you. Ill try to get that video for you by valentines day. have fun guys!

Britt xoxo

At 11:39 AM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hey Y'all!!
Well somehow winter never appeared here in Calgary, we just finished a weekend of 12-15 degrees C. There is hardly anysnow on the mountains which is troubling, and bodes for a dry hot summer.
Hey Maggs I figured pop would taste different, to those of us with a cultured Cola Palate, I can tell the difference between towns out here. I laughed my arse of at the latest video, so who was it doing the end over end down the hill?
Alysha if you get to see this, those are amazing firsts, I am jealous.
To the merry wanderers, I'm guessing coming home will be hard, and we will seem so stiff and cold I think. I found that when I came home from Quebec after three years, it seemed so different.
Skyler if you see this I hope you are okay.
To the rest of the crew, you are amazing, truly you couldn't appreciate how incredible what you are doing is.
Love and Big Bear Hugs Shean

At 3:04 AM , Blogger The Watkins said...

Shean, that is Bre doing the tumble down the hill in the video. She's always been going to fast.....


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