Friday, July 14, 2006


"If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all!" So I guess I won't say anything about Georgia, teehee. It was pretty hilarious to hear the Ukrainian crew on our ship dissing "Pig Land" as they called it. I really loved the boat and it was tons of fun. I didn't think we'd be going that way but then again, we do change our plans fast and go with it. "Where ever the wind takes us!"
My first European country...WOW! This is great! I love it! I guess I'll never hear the end of Savannah bragging about spending her 16th summer in Europe!! Pft! The subway/metro is pretty funny because Savannah clings to me with her death grip as she has no sense of balance what so ever. Poor little lass. Most rides we end up laughing our heads off. Don't ask me how, it just happens that way. One goofy look from either of us and it's all over! There have been a few times Ive had to save her from falling flat on her face with her big pack on, to save us from the embarrasment. Rush hour is intense and crazy. I've never seen so many white people at once in my life. Big crowds like India but it's nnot a push and shove contest and not to mention how clean it is everywhere. There is just one problem with coming out of so many countries where we are the only ones who speak english and that is that we've been able to speak out loud to each other about everything and anything we darn well pleased. It's a hard habbit to break and now have to watch what we say with all of the ears around. For example: Savannah and I will say "Wow! Check out that guy he's really hot!" Seconds later he turns around with the biggest grin on his face. "OOPS! Hehe"
The first thing we did in Kiev was hunted down the LDS missionaries to say hi. They're very helpful and lots of fun as always. We even mentioned Angela Leehmuis and one of the sisters remembered her from when she served a mission there. We had a blast chatting.
We are now in Lviv, a smaller city in western Ukraine. We are here for a few days until we hopefully catch a train or bus into Poland. This city is soo amazing and beautiful with all the different buildings to see. We just don't know which ones to look at because we have absolutely no information due to no guidebook or maps. Zippo! It is more expensive and I can see why everyone is so skinny with the size of servings being so small. They practically charge you per bite instead of per plate!! I'm excited to go to Poland........


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Finally I caught up with all of your postings since April. I also saved all of your year's postings to My Documents so I can transfer them over to another computer. Yes, I finally retired but I am not ready to travel; maybe later. I am just enjoying being free at home on Lake Coeur d'Alene and working in the yard. Your travels so far have been most interesting to me for the geopolitical, cultural, linguistic, and historical aspects of the territories and populations you are visiting and describing. Congratulations on completing more than a year abroad and still able to keep on going. I will be very interested in your visits to Poland and other eastern European lands. Love to all of you...


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