Friday, July 28, 2006


The best thing is being able to meet and chat with all the other backpackers but even better on those very rare occasions when you run into another family. Especially one from Canada. In Gdansk we met 2 sisters and a brother, from Toronto, who were on a short summer vacation and we spent 3 days with them. We all felt that we had known each other all our lives and were constantly trying to figure out where we had met before. Even though it was impossible for us to have ever met before, we just couldn't stop trying to figure it out. We spent a day in Gdansk together just roaming around town, doing random things and taking lots of goofy pictures. It was so much fun! Our theme of the day was Canada as we all had our hair in french braids (including Ammon) and I drew Canadian flags on our arms. We were so hyper and pumped up that day! We took pictures with breakdancers, street musicians, stupid videos of us goofing off and doing lots of cheerleading moves. The best part of the day was definately the cheerleading stunts and as I am the only one with experience I got to coach these clowns as well. I was impressed with how much we actually pulled off. We couldn't stop laughing. You'll love the pictures when we get them up.
They were travelling in a rental car and happened to be going in the same direction as us so they were crazy enough to give us a ride. I say crazy because there were 7 of us and all our bags in a 5 seater station wagon, in a country known for crooked cops and rules against India-style travel. I'm sure it was inconvenient and a hassle for them since it was so squished but it was all good. We ended up driving through the whole night from Gdansk to Wroclaw and they dropped us off at a hostel in the morning. We never got caught but there were plenty of cops running around. Yikes! It was sad to say goodbye but we will have to see each other again sometime in the future. I'm really loving Poland, it's up there with my favourite countries of the trip so far. I'm super psyched for Terri to come and I know we're all not going to have any sleep as we are wild beasts. Poor Ammon, another girl added to the trip.
PS. Follow in Terri's footsteps and join us for a bit.


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