Sunday, July 23, 2006

To Hel and Back Again

Yes, Hel. "We 're going to Hel! Get ready to go!" "Ammon!?!? Isn't it a little sacreligious to be going to Hel on a Sunday?!" Yup, so our fierce leader took us across the waters into HEL!!! Well, they weren't lying when they said it would be hot, hahah. But I didn't know it was going to be so blue and gold. I always pictures it to be more red and black......
Now I did keep that promise when I said we wouldn't be sailing across the Baltic Sea but I never said we weren't going on or in it!! It was a 2 hour ferry ride to the other side. We spent the whole day walking along the golden beach and swimming in the blue water (Bre and I did at least). Yesterday we went to Sopot which is another beach town and it was a lot more crowded than today. It was really nice but I think we've been really spoiled on this trip in the beach category. I couldn't believe how burnt some of the people were and how many people (mostly old foggies) were walking around in there florsecent white bra's. WOW! I always imagine a beach as something like "Bay Watch" but when you get there....oh boy! I never knew people could have such huge beer bellies. It was a good chilling day and it was about 35C (but I think you Canadians are dying in your heat wave, haha suckers! We're immune to the heat now!) When we caught our boat back to Gdansk tonight it was about 20-25C and our fingers went numb and purple from the cold!! OK, so we are just killing time and relaxing right now. We'll be going on a few more day trips before heading south.
See ya (if you come out here),


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