Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hi Crowd!
You guys are running out of summer time fast, hahah! Well, we made it to Slovakia, A-OK. The heart breaking part about entering was how we didn't even get a stamp in our passports!! Can you believe that crap!?!? Aaaaaah, oh no, my liiiiife is over! Hahha, just kidding. It takes more than just that to break my spirits. Still, that's the first country out of 21 on this trip that we didn't get a stamp. It sucks, no proof that we were even here! Although we do have cameras and trust me, we ARE here! Trencin, the first town we visited, was cute. We actually stayed at a camp site which was a first on this trip, with cabins along the river. The bunk bed thing was fun. The weather has been wonderful with lots of sun. Just relaxing, working on our suntans the best we can and reading our books. It's been pretty windy though, it's amazing how fast the clouds pass by! Every night during summer there is an outdoor concert of some sort that anyone is free to enjoy. There were lots of different themes, including country, tap dance, bands etc. Lots of costumes, dancing and singing. A fun song was "Take me out to the ball game...." Now who can resist singing along with that one?! We always had front and center seats. Ya, ya, we're such dorks but it was great. We visited the third largest castle in Slovakia, the Trencin Castle. How original, haha. This is where we saw many portraits of the families who owned the castle at the time. Whoa man, sorry to say this but all of them were BUNK ugly, especially the kids. Wanna know why? The artists back then weren't able to paint the kids because no kid can sit for hours at a time! The artist would simply look at the kid, paint the body, the sons would get the face of their mothers and the daughters would get the face of their fathers. So if you can imagine a little kid with an ugly adult face, you'll know what I'm talking about. Around 100 paintings were lost to target practice by German or Austrian soldiers stationed there during WWI. The view from the top of the tower was really impressive. We got some good pictures that you'll see in our next folder in the photo album when we get them up. I hope every one has been enjoying them. I'm jealous watching all of the people going by with bicycles and roller blades. I want to spend a day doing it too but we haven't found any cheap rental places...yet!! We are now in Levoca. The train ride here was fun. We (Terri, Savannah and I) met a really nice Slovak guy who spoke a little english and shared gobs of chocolate with us. The special treatments we get being girls, muahaha. The people are really nice and helpful. Today we went on a walk up the hill to a church. Our sunday mass. And a stroll around town. I really like the cute squares with all the little cafes and pretty buildings. Great atmosphere! I still can't believe I'm in Europe and I never thought I'd get here, let alone be in Slovakia. It's extra fun having Terri, our adopted sister, here!! Good times and lots of fun with all the laughing. Poor Ammon, all our followers have mostly been girls.
Enjoy summer while you still can.....


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