Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rough travel days

Ok, first of all, I don't know if any one mentioned this but my back has been KILLING me lately and that's why we had to stay an extra day in Levoca. I was trying to crack my back when our homestay lady noticed and immediately ran over to me and lifted up my shirt to check it out...
"Nyet, nyet!! Problem, problem!!" I couldn't help but laugh at her expression. She was trying to explain to me that my back was totally crooked, which I already knew from my awkward and completely lop sided figure (SKY! You cursed me by always saying "You're crooked!").... The next day she MADE me let her husband doctor me. What I gather from all the sign language and broken english, he was a chiropractor for 20 years.....he has me convinced!! You should have HEARD the cracks and crunches coming from my back. Holy Crow! I am STILL amazed. I didn't know a body could make so much noise. Hhahah! It was fun!
So anyway, the next day we got up extra early to catch our bus and head to Hungary. Ha...ha....ha! Let's just say fortunes were against us that day.... The first TWO buses never showed and we sat in the cold of the morning for two hours before one finally came. That ride took two more hours then we arrived and just missed the next connecting train by 10 minutes and had to sit for four hours for the next one. Turns out that was the only train on the list with some wierd thing going on with it....basically it never came so we sat in the train station for a grand total of seven hours before FINALLY catching the train. Oh my gosh! We were so glad to be heading out of there and getting on our way. We crossed the border and that's when our ticket ran out and our plan was to buy a domestic ticket from the train conductor. No, things didn't go so smoothly. He tried giving us a $50.00 penalty for not having a ticket (which we KNOW is a bunch of crap). The funny thing is, we didn't even have enough cash to pay for the ticket even without the fine attached. Uh oh! I was thinking "Oh great! We finally get here after all that waiting and now they're going to kick us off after 15 minutes!! You gotta be kidding me!!" Eventually after scraping our money belts for every last coin we paid him for the ticket, no fine attached. I guess our innocent, little, lady eyes looked pretty convincing, muahah!! It was still a little nerve racking travelling at night, not knowing if there was a connecting train to our last stop and having no local currency.....But yes, we finally made it after one more short train ride, to Eger, where we had to walk around town a little bit before finding a place to stay.
We stayed in Eger a couple days then left for yet another travel day...
Yesterday morning we walked pretty far to the bus station, waited around for 45 minutes or so, got on a two hour bus ride, walked to the train station 10 minutes away because there was no connecting bus which we had planned to take, waited two hours for the train, got on the train for half an hour, got to the next town and waited for one hour then caught our last train for two hours to what we thought was our final destination. After almost 6 km of walking around Oradea with our backpacks looking for a cheap place to stay, we gave up and as a group decided to skip town and catch another train overnight to Brasov. The VERY LAST train I might add which we almost missed. I guess the train gods had some sympathy for us. Talk about a LONG and tiring day!!! After no sleep and basically no food for what seemed like a life time we finally made it. It is 7:00 pm now and I still haven't slept. Hahha, what a life, eh?? It's all about the roughness that makes it that much more exciting!! You guys probably think I'm complaining but I'm FAR from it. I'm actually BRAGGING!! Muahaha.


At 2:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savannah, I'm so glad that you had someone look after your back.I kept telling your mother to find a chiropractor and she said they were too hard to find there. Well, if you did't find one in the same house! Good for you. Are you feeling better for the adjustment? What a shame that you didn't have more time in Hungary. Do you plan to backtrack and do it more thoroughly later? I know that Ammon had been there before, but that doesn't mean that you girls had to miss it. Have a bit of a rest now after that intensive travel time. Love you.


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