Saturday, January 20, 2007


I have promised that I would write about my trip to Turkey, so here I am again. It is nice to revisit my travel journal… pictures from CD bring back the memory when I first touched the land. It was a blessing that I arrived in one piece at 1:00a.m. Nov 12 with the fact that I jumped on plane after my 6 hours work in hospital and the 8 hours layover in Amsterdam. Of course that was also a miracle that someone did not fall asleep and forget to pick me up… For some reason, I felt distance from the airport to the place where we stayed was long and the ride was long enough to make me fall in love with Istanbul. It is a really beautiful city especially when everything lights up at night. If I could choose, Istanbul would be the place I want to stay forever. Instead of trying to kill myself like when I was in India or Kenya, I choose to take things easy this time. Of course without mom Maggie and Savannah, how could I push the limit during the trip? Without a fixed plan, what we did everyday was sleep to whenever and slowly moved our limbs to make sure they still do move. But I still can’t figure out how I misjudge the step during my normal walking and end up having the lovely shade of purple and yellow on my knee. Thanks God that I did not need to get on a 54 hours train ride and sleep on the floor of the train stations this time. (but sadly I do miss that!) Even a BIGGER thanks for the hosts from couch surfing who provide us space and food, priceless is the friendship and the time that we spent together. Share the culture differences, experience in life and expectation of the future. Inanc, if you are reading this… Just want to say I really appreciate the courage that you have. You will have a new start in Australia, and I know you will be successful whatever you choose to do because you have faith, and you are willing to work on your goal. Promise you that I will do email later… Meeting with all the people there, I realize how much I could learn from them and how little I know about this world. Think back, I do feel a little guilty about spending TOO MUCH time talking with Bre instead of them when I was there. (Will you agree with me, Bre?) Well on the other hand, Ammon should feel no guilt. He is pretty good at keeping conversation for hours and hours. I remember that one night we stayed with Abraham. I was completely convinced and impressed. That picture still stays in my mind. The two men set on the floor, without much facial expression, but they kept mumbling for more than 5 or 6 hours after the 2 or 3 hours talk in the afternoon of the same day. I know that conversation would never stop if they never look at the clock. They talked until 3 in the morning! The other highlight of the trip is the visit to Cappadocia. Amazing volcanic landscape carved by the nature! All rocks are in different shapes, carved non-purposely, but somehow fit with each other! As there is no theme for this art, it is even better… You can look at them in whatever way you want, depends on how you put your imagination… Savannah in case you feel left out here, I want to tell you the question I asked myself the most during the trip is “Where is Savannah?” … To make up the time that I spent 24/7 with Bre, I will… The day when I miss mom Maggie the most was that night I had to walk up the steep slope. I know I could die on that day! The supermarket saves me. I still remember that supermarket and exactly where water place in that store. Without mom and Savannah, everything was less exciting as it should be. There is more that I could write, but it is never the same and there is no way I can pour my memory out with words…Turkish delight, apple tea, colorful carpet, glass shade for the lights, halva that I once addicted to… I miss the way how people put sugar in tea yet I never like that… I miss all that… I love my time being there.



At 4:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandra you missed one thing.. How we were fooling people the whole time! saying we were husband and wife then laughing at the serious faces we got!! ahah so funny. oR the time at the air port when we swaped passports by accident and still managed to make it through.. Uh did they even look at the picture?? we don't look a thing like eachother. Or how I kept her up most of the plane ride home since i was bouncing out of my seat with excitment!!!
Sandra is a blast and I will keep her as my WIFE. AHAHAHAHAH JK MAN JK!
LOVE BRE BUTT THE MAN--- woah man.
sorry guys too many inside jokes that you probably dont want to know about.

At 8:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra. Thank you for your nice thoughts&wishes for me. I really appreciate it. I hope my philosophy "Quit your job, see the world" will work out fine... This is the sound of corruption but some people should do it.
You know it was really little time that you stayed here, but we shared some good moments and conversations I hope you'll come back to the lovely-lunatic city of all times: Istanbul and maybe you can decide to live here when you leave everything behind. You know it's really hard to live in this big chaos over here.

Sandra you are so funny and lovely really! My mom still speak of your scream full of joy after you opened the cooking pans and looked at the great food we are about to eat. Your and Bre's helva addiction, new words that we found out:Wooo-maaan... your endless laughters with Bre late night, funny talks during 2 hours dinner, picking names for future children after eating that much...

Everything was great. You are always welcome here, I hope you'll come again here for more travelling. Come during summer and you can see more about Turkey, I can be your guide if I'm around you know. Bye for now.

Love and peace out...

P.S. Bre I really want to know about this Husband and Wife stuff. Hahaheha You guys are crazy. Anyway take care and look after your Wife.


At 10:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys, I still can't figure out why Sandra is such a perfect friend and sister....but she is. SO THERE!!! HAHaha and we are so funny because even though I'm white and you're Chinese and we have only known each other for a short period of time....we are still convinced that we've known each other forever and that you are my big sister. I know how you feel Sandra, I almost CRIED when you left for two weeks to go see them in Turkey. You should have stuffed me in your backpack and taken me with you.....I know you're a tough cookie and could've carried me anywhere. I mean, how did you survive without me to share a train bed with?!?! No CHAI CHAI CHAI....COFFEEE COFFEEE COFFEE!!! At 4:00 in the morning or someone to come bang down our door at 6:00 a.m. so we can yell "We don't want CHAI!!" heheeh, you're too cute Sandra. Thank you soooo much for all you've done for me here or on the other side of the world. You saved me by bringing candy....and by rescuing me from the F that I certainly would have gotten in math with out your tutoring and yelling...I am such a bad student :D :)!!
Thank you and I love you my teacher and my SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANdra!!
Lil sis Savannah


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