Monday, March 12, 2007

I like it

I am still in Oman. Really, I love this country and wish I could stay even longer. People always ask me if I've found a country I would live and work in. Until now the answer has always been "no" although I've enjoyed so many places. I think I could stay here though. I'd have to import a girlfriend and I might not stay forever but this country really does appeal to me.
I've also been lucky enough to see more of the countryside since I last wrote although for the most part I've been hanging out in and around Muscat. On one overnight outing I hitched along the partially existing coastal road south east to Sur, stopping along the way for a short hike up one of the most famous and beautiful canyons in the country, Wadi Shab. I wish I had had more time to really get into it and enjoy the scenery and swim in the natural pools but alas, even I don't get to do everything I want. That night I made it out to Ras al-Jinz, the easternmost tip of the country to see the green turtles coming to lay their eggs. There is a distinct on (100's per night) and off (maybe 1 or 2) season for laying and although it is the offseason we were lucky to have had a couple dozen turtles laying that night. It is a protected area and our group (~50 tourists split into 2 groups) was led by a guide who kept us all under control. The moon was full so visiblity was good and the whole experience was something straight out of National Geographic. 3ft+ turtles laying eggs and heading back to sea. Apparently only 1 or 2/1000 babies survive to become a breeding adult. Not good odds. The females are shy when coming out of the water and digging their hole but from the time they start laying eggs until they return to the sea they are in something of a trance and nothing bothers them so we could get in close and touch them. For me it was great because it was something I've always wanted to see and had missed the opportunity in a few other countries.
I also met a few other people including a couple from Iceland and a family from the UK that picked me up and took me with them to see some more out-of-the-way places I wouldn't've seen otherwise. I've been so incredibly lucky here. I'm now on my way southwest to Salalah and by the end of the week will finally cross into Yemen. It is supposed to be pretty wild so we'll see what happens.


At 10:51 AM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hey Ammon,
What is it that makes it appeal more than any of the almost 60 countries you've been to? And what is up with Yemen? Why wild? You've become cryptic, or I'm getting dull with old age, but never as old as your Mom, what is it 50 this year Maggs? LMAO!!!!!!
Anyways, wanted you to know you were not forgotten, and are not alone. Be safe.

Love and Bear Hugs
Big Bear


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