Monday, April 09, 2007


Hey family and everyone else reading!
First of all my first draft got erased and you all know how frusterating that can be.. so give me some credit here.
Well then, here I am again back on the trip. Its funny because when I got home it was like I never left but so much had changed. I saw things differently and still loved being at home. Now that I am back out here it feels like I never left, yet I have developed a new point of veiw on it all. I must say it sure is fun to train Grady and Dad into the routine of things. Its funny to watch their reactions on things I wouldn't have even thought twice about. Seems like all we talk about is the trip and how far we've come and all the crazy adventures along the way. Then again.. I have heard a lot of complaining about the extra storage weight (FAT) we have all gained at home. I can easily say we are burning it off because we are very busy creatures again. I have nick named Jordan as Lego Land for that is what all the cities look like. Interesting indeed but I like it. We went to Jerash and saw Roman ruins. I really love that style with all the streets lined with pillars. Must have been so beautiful in its day. So far my favourite choice would be the Dead Sea only because it was the weirdest thing floating on water. I couldnt believe it. Grady first thing goes ahead and attemps to dive in making a retard of himself splashing everywhere and yelling "What the hell I can't go down". Jeez that was hilarious. I guess you've got to find out one way or another. The water does sting like crazy if you get it in your eyes which Grady knows all about or have a cut which I did have but the salt was good for it in the long run. Oh and bad idea to taste it. EWWWW. I harsh got burnt that day..Damn and I never burn. This sucks. We have been doing lots of hikes and long walks. Petra is wicked but I will let somone else tell you about that. It sure is great to have a big groupy and joke around all the time. Feeling great.. but its harsh when you have to say bye to everyone at home and continue to miss them all over again. Pooh.
Sorry folks I will have to work on my blogging skills since I am a little rusty. I will try again asap.

3D Bre!


At 11:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bre, Nice blog indeed! I do miss you all and I have been thinking about you guys over and over again. It is for sure a torture. Did you get to talk to another flight attendent? Did you wake everyone up again on your way out? Bre I miss you and how you kept me awake the whole 2 days and how we almost missed our flight ... exchanged our passport accientally without being caught.... You left me :(
Savannnah ... You you you you you you ... KEG soup, our "15 minutes nap" and ... and ... and ... I need someone to hand me a strawberry when I say "Damn you" ... Savannnnnah.... :( .. Now no one STEAL me from my work like you always do... I am not talking on phone for hour during my work now ...JUST because you are gone!

Anyways, I miss you guys. Really I do.

At 4:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish i could float :(

At 5:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I love them!


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