Saturday, April 21, 2007


I love the comments coming in!!
I guess Its my turn to share a little about the diving. OH MAN I LOVED IT!!! Though knowing me there is bound to be some interesting stories. These bums tried to scare me again with the whole shark attack thing.. For example Savannah and Grady will point behind me with wide panicked eyes and make chomping shark teeth with their hands. HA HA not funny.. of course they thought so. You can always tell when someone laughs because a huge load of air bubbles will come bursting out of their regulator. We had fun poking the bubbles too. Yeah we get amused quite easily. I had a blast doing twists and flips when ever I had the chance. The head stand on the bottom was pretty fun or doing one-handed handstands on Grady's head was quite the show. I think our coach sometimes didn't know what to do with us. ahahahh We are a very unusual groupie always cracking jokes or volunteering to tell which one of us it was who made the mistake. I basically went nuts down there! Oh there were a few stupid things. Everyone laughed at me when I screamed underwater at a big fish with its mouth wide open charging at me. Now I don't exactly know how this happened but at one point I barfed into my regulator. EWWW and if you don't know already....I HATE puking, it scares the daylights out of me every time. I'm not sure how I managed to fix that and not bolt for the top. I don't want to look like a sissy you know. I really had fun though and it was sad at the end to be finished. Now I can't wait to get back in the water. We had some fun doing crazy flips off this one boat causing a scene....oops. The water wasn't too too bad. I did shiver a bit and hauled butt in the swim test part to keep warm " just keep swimming, just keep swimming". I really loved all of it! The salt water helped my sore toe and we all can feel how soft we have become. We must have been sand paper before compared to this. I think we are the lucky ones to have had such a great teacher (Yasser Hassan) we highly recommend him. Contact us if you want more info about him. He was "super" - as that was his favourite word! We all had tons of fun. I really like Dahab, its really nice and cute. I love palm trees, nice restaurants on the water with cute lanterns and lots of pillows, warm weather and friendly people who are constantly welcoming you. I can't stop smiling. Grady, Savannah and I had Canadian flags on our cheeks due to the face paints I brought. I couldn't help it. Call me a big kid all you want because still everyone thinks Savannah is around 19 years old and I am 13 to 17 yrs max. I don't care I just laugh at the shocked faces when they hear that I am 19. Hahahah I feel great having a first aid and scuba diving certificate in my little wallet!! I wonder what the next task will be.
Life is good!


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