Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Diving in the Red Sea

We are, as you know taking our open water diving course, in Dahab Egypt on the red sea. We have been doing this all week and today we finished our written test and all passed with flying colours!!!!!! Tomorrow we spend the day again in the water working on our buoyancy (this is trickier than you think). The water is colder than I would have liked (the Maldives or Sri Lanka would have been much better) but we are surviving thanks to hot showers in between dives. Our instructor is excellent, thus our good marks on the exam. This diving thing is hard work and we are absolutely exhausted at the end of each day hitting the sack at 8:00 and not stirring until morning. We are all surprised at how strenuous this is. Well this is a short up date so you wont think that we have all drowned.
Love to all
P.S. Ammon can breath underwater too. We managed to talk him into joining us in this adventure.


At 12:15 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work! I remember when I was in Australia, when I got my scuba diving licence, it is hard work but sooo fun too! I had nothing to complain about with the water temp though, a lovely 29 degrees celcius! Congrats on your exam!

Sarah :)


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