Friday, April 20, 2007

Open Water Divers!

Yes, it's true. We are now open water divers having survived our last 3 open water dives yesterday. It was a busy week and we are all wiped out. I am happy that the others decided that it was worth forcing me to risk drowning myself so they could call it a family activity (Sky has already done it in Okinawa and we'll have to go together after he gets out and joins us). Lucky for them I am hard to kill but in all honesty it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. The mental battle completely wore me out the first couple dives. If not for our excellent instructor I probably would've quit at some point. Take my mask off and I am still a mess..... I did end up enjoying it though and would like to try more sometime. We will hit lots of coastline in lots of countries before we get home, just need to find the money to do it. In the end, Bre was the best (she's crazy) and Dad had the biggest problems with equalization. I definately use the most air, I think mom doesn't even breathe under there because she'll have more than half a tank when I am empty. The biggest problem was that with a group of 5 learning (Grady is already qualified and did his own dives while here), there is little or no time to do any fun stuff after we do our training activities. I will try to get them to tell their stories on here but they are kind of lazy and are currently sitting on the beach suntanning. We are done with all that and I am itching to move again. Grady is running out of time so I want to get on to the next place. It is funny how early we have been sleeping, though I am the worst. Usually around 8:30pm (though I think I slept at 7pm once) and up at 6am. I was doing that before I even started diving though and I should be the least jetlagged..... The others are a little later usually. Dahab in other ways has been a bit of a disappointment to me. I was expecting something with more palm trees and sand like Gokarna, India or in Sri Lanka. Too over-developed and it is more for the cheap package tourists rather than true backpackers. Good place to learn to dive and get out as we will do. I'll have to find somewhere else to rest (if that is possible with this crowd in tow....)


At 9:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

great to hear about you scuba diving. when you're back in vancouver we'll have to do a dive locally. none of this nice warm water though.

when i took my certification it was in january in vancouver. my first open water dive was off cates park and there was snow on the beach.

i'm still enjoying your blogs so keep it up.


At 8:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voice of reason here.... Gord thinks he's an 18 year old boy!... what he forgets to mention is that he was certified in 1979!!!! '79 people!... so he won't be going diving any time soon if I have anything to say about it - I don't need him dropping dead of a heart attack trying to pretend he's not 45!!! Sheesh!!!! ... but ENJOY!!... We just got back from Maui and we totally LOVED the snorkling... that he is allowed to do!....



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