Tuesday, August 14, 2007


In continuation of the last blog, a couple weeks ago we came back up to Cairo for work and it didn't turn out. There is a lot of battling going on with the agents right now with tons of misinformation going around so the work has pretty much dried up and we are no longer trying to do any anymore. It was interesting while it lasted and most of us were barely able to break even on the money to stay here for the 4 months it's been already. Some of the earlier movies and commercials that some of us have been in have already come out and a few people in the shops around our hotel have recognized dad and made comments. It's interesting. I haven't actually seen any of the end results myself as I don't watch Egyptian tv.
So we found ourselves in Cairo again trying to sort ourselves and a new schedule out. We went and visited our old haunts and kept working on some new little videos to keep ourselves amused.

The "kids" (including Rhiis) even went back to Alexandria for a few days to get away and cool down in the sea breeze. We came back just in time to pick up Sandra from the airport. She'd arranged a 24 hour stop-over on her way back to Kenya. That is her 4th meeting with us now. The rest of you guys are way behind. It was fun but far too short and we were sad to see her disappear again.
The good news for the rest of you guys is that we are now seriously planning the next leg of the trip and have just applied for a Libyan transit visa. Bit tricky so pray it goes through. We are leaving tonight to go to Aswan in southern Egypt and see more temples until the end of the month.


At 1:47 AM , Blogger Barış Parlan said...

Better design, great news (:
i'm still reading you my friend...
go on...

//Baris from cyprus.
you dont have to remember (:

At 1:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I saw your Mom at the funeral, she looked awsome, and excited to see you again soon. I'm a little out of step right now, so haven't been able to write to yo, and I'm afraid it is going to continue for a bit yet, but I promise, I am reading faithfully. Maggie I am waiting as your Mom promised to give me the address for her so I could compensate for the post cards you are sending. I miss your window right now...


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