Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thoughts on temples

Really there is just so much to say about all the history here it is crazy. I am just afraid of passing on incorrect info so try to keep it simple.
It is really hot here still and the rest of the group is looking forward to cooling down as summer ends. It was torture listening to them whine about needing aircon down south. They probably had it half of the time though I personally believe in conditioning myself to the local conditions so I don't wear out while sightseeing during the day.
But then again the heat seems to have affected their brains a little. I kid you not but dad made a horrible cup of instant coffee (or so all that tried it said) as soon as he arrived in Cairo. Everyone was sitting around wondering how the tap water here got so bad until Savannah looked in the little kettle we are carrying around. Sure enough, there was dad's underwear, freshly boiled and adding all that quality flavour. Who pours water in the kettle without looking inside it? Then again, who stores their underwear in the kettle?!?!?!?!? See what I have to deal with out here....... Now you know why I am in charge....
As to my favourite temples, I'd have to say that Dendara was my favourite. Personally I like having lots of glyphs carved into the walls. The really old temples, pyramids and tombs were disappointing to me simply because they lacked that type of decoration. Some of them had paintings but it's just not the same as looking as the incredible amount of work to carve floor to ceiling throughout an entire complex and on each pilllar. Some of these places took ages to finish. I guess I just appreciate the craftmanship. I don't know why but I don't like the coloured ones. I've always been that way though and prefer stone or woodwork by itself and find that the painting detracts from the craftmanship. My all-time favourite ruins ever is the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Amazing work and tons of atmosphere. Back to Egypt though. No tourists is obviously a plus for the atmosphere and that goes for entire countries too. I'd rather be somewhere where tourism is minimal. The beams of sunlight coming through the dark temples, especially with the dust in the air to really emphasize it is awesome and I'm sure the others agree. I really enjoyed Karnak despite the number of tourists at first. I still can't believe they got pillars to stand that tall so long ago. It's huge!
Grady is leaving us tonight which is really sad because we've had a lot of fun with him here. He is a star!!
We are still waiting for word from the Libyans regarding our transit visa so we may be stuck here for a while still. As to our route south, well, can't you tell we're just making this up as we go? I hope we even get to the south before we go off on another crazy side trip. We'll go west and do as much as we can safely (in a very bent and loosely defined kind of way) then fly to the east side to head south. Thanks for the warning Shean, believe me I am looking into everything as much as I can. Things change really fast in Africa unfortunately and as there are 50 countries on the mainland, without some specific names it is hard to say what is good and bad. Every region seems to have a healthy mix.

We are having fun making the videos with Rhiis, here is the latest installment, the look at the pharaonic side of the bills here :)



At 12:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha. that was hilarious! so good when amo turned into maggie. hahaha brilliant. bre and savy you guys look amazingly good beautiful and tanned... amo you need a little work on yr acting. grady was the best love the beginning. really cool when he popps outta no where. so what is this anyways?i mean whats it for? love you guys!!! whos at the end? have i met him? his acting is the WORST! hahahaha xoxox Brittany.

At 11:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great videos! I love them all! This last one is an excellent blend of history, creativity, and humor! Excellent job, all of you.
-a fan

At 1:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon,
THanks for taking the time to answer, I love the responses they are insightful, and very readable without being pedantic, and you aren't afraid to admit limitations. All in all makes it very readable, and I love it!! I forget how big this country here is, and how much bigger Africa is. I have put 15,000 miles on the truck of late, gonna wear it out. Nothing compared to you guys, but seriously ain't it time to get moving, you guys are stagnating there, it sounds fun, but your mail is sounding frustrated. Sounds like time to fire up Willie Nelson and play "On the Road again". Then as you leave Egypt you can hang a collective moon on them. If you need tips on how just ask your parents they are fairly experienced I recall.
Maggs, spoke to your Mom and she was excited about goingout there with Sky soon. It was greeat to see her, I missed your Dad tho'.
Brandon, how's the do-over going?
Bre, next time kick him harder then when you get irritated all you have to do is threaten to do it and he'll give in.
Videos are a howl, campy, and all.

Love you and Big Bear Hugs
The Bear

At 11:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ammon, that's straight up funny as hell about Dad's underwear in the kettle. Dad what's up with that!? hahaha


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