Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Talk about a shock to the system....
Initially getting to Brussels was a bit annoying as our plane ended up delayed by 3 hours as somebody had decided to wait for some passengers stuck in traffic. They never showed up but we eventually left and got to Brussels. We had arranged to stay with a local couchsurfer for the night and he met us at the train station when we finally got into town. It was too bad we got there so late and he had work in the morning because he was a cool guy to visit with. The following morning we went off on our own to explore the city for a few hours.
Brussels isn't really known for much as a tourist destination and is probably really only known as the capital of the EU and NATO. Belgium itself is best known for beer, chocolate and waffles but we found it quite nice. The weather started out perfect though much cooler than we are used to. The shock of walking around was so crazy though and I feel lucky to be alive. There were things like wind, garbage cans, personal space and, strangest of all, cars that would stop so you could cross the street! That was just too strange and freaked us all out. We looked so incompetent trying to cross the road that we are lucky there weren't any accidents. But then, how could there be? There aren't any people or cars around. It felt so incredibly quiet after Cairo that it was almost hard to sleep, haha. Seriously it was a very dramatic change, you don't really appreciate quiet and personal space until living without it for a long time as we were in Egypt.
Rhiis convinced us that we should eat a waffle for him while we were there. I think he was trying to kill us for not taking him along, those things are huge and ridiculously sweet. By the time I finished I was literally sitting on the ground twitching from the sugar.... Never again, never again....
There aren't any famous sites to see really but then Victor Hugo apparently once said of the Grand Place (the main square) that it was the most beautiful in the world. Though it isn't very big, I'm tempted to agree as every building fronting on it looks great. The town hall is insanely decorated with statues. We also experienced the first real rain in 6 months too. Can't say I missed it much. We did meet up with our host Wannus again in the afternoon but had to fly out again far too soon. We are now in Tangiers, Morocco but that will be another story....


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