Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary Movie

Ok, so all our fun and craziness with movie making has finally resulted in this, a 30 minute horror film called The Abydos Witch Project. Bit early for Halloween, it started out as a joke and as a way of showing the insides of the temples and tombs and amusing ourselves at the same time. Can give you an idea of the spooky atmosphere though. Anyway, it's a little dark so turn up the lighting on the computer and I hope you have good speakers or it sounds like a mess too. If you can play it properly it is pretty cool.
Our future plan, based on overall interest and popularity is to continue to make videos of the "neighbourhood" style as we travel through other countries. Constuctive feedback and other ideas are still welcome, we want to know what you want to see so we can properly focus our energies. Thus far it has just been a learning curve for us, trying different styles and having fun.
Unfortunately, we won't be able to do more videos again for a while as Rhiis is not able to come with us and we don't have a computer (or cinematographer) to put videos together. Rhiis intends to stay in Egypt and get together enough money to join us again soon.

Abydos Witch Project - Part I

Abydos Witch Project - Part II

Abydos Witch Project - Part III



At 10:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you guys that was awsome.. GREAT job!! i can't wait to seee what the next crazy video you guys will make.. keeep up with the good work! :)
take care all!
miss you breanna~

At 10:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was awesomeee guyss haha had my heart thumping and good film job too , have a sweet time there . Ciao


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