Sunday, October 28, 2007

'Round Ireland

I've always wanted to come to Ireland and it's seriously better than I had expected! After being stuck in the desert and roasting in 40C for so long it was breath taking to see green again for a change. We rented a car in Dublin and have been traveling around the whole country taking our time, seeing and doing what we want. We've gone through lots of little towns and villages and there are so many that start with "Kill" meaning Church and "Bally" meaning town in Gaelic. Some examples are "Ballygalley", "Ballyshannon", "Ballykelly" and "Killkirk", "Killarney" and Ammon's favorite "Killinaboy". Our days have been fun filled with crazy driving, endless laughter in the car, great hosts, amazing scenery and weather.
Ever since Nepal when I first experienced a country where they drive on the left side of the road, I've liked it better. Hhaha, I may be a traitor on that but it's a completely different story when you're in the car with a new(as far as driving on the wrong...or right depending on where you're from, side of the road) driver behind the wheel! Every turn mom takes we all say " CLOSE left, FAR right!" and even though she says " I know, I know, I've got the hang of it now." It's kind of hard to relax when she drifts onto the wrong side of the road while a truck is coming around a corner. "MOM!" "Sorry! I was trying to sightsee. Oh well, I would've noticed sooner or later!" Why is it that of all people mom got to be the driver?! She's the most daring and dauntless one of us all! I have to give her credit for doing such a great job. I'll let her go into more detail on the driving in Ireland since she is the driver after all! I did write a sign "STUPID TOURIST DRIVING" (with a retarded looking, cross eyed smiley face) and stuck it on the back window with chewing gum just to warn the locals, haha. We have actually received a few comments on it and people find it pretty funny. On one of the days we passed an English family in a car and when they saw our sign in the back they wrote one for themselves and showed us as we passed them again later. It said, "WE ARE EVEN MORE STUPID TOURISTS!" It was actually pretty funny.
Our squishy 5 man car is always full of laughter and we are constantly talking over each other, gibber jabbering and making jokes.Of course, most of the time mom is just rolling her eyes at us kids (that INCLUDES dad).
As far as scenery goes, it's spectacular! I expected it to be lush and green....but our trip has been more than outstanding!
It's true there are leprechauns and rainbows here....but I have yet to find my four leaf clover!!!


At 9:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Savannah,

Do you find yourself thinking about the Abbotsford/ Chiiliwack areas as you drive around? I often expect to see a turn-off sign for some place out the Valley when I am driving around, especially in the middle of IReland near the mountains.

The Bear


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