Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Well, you know now that Sky has finally joined us, thereby completing the family. It's taken a long time but we are now all reunited. Let's hope it lasts a long time. What you won't know at this point is that we flew into Fez from Spain and met a traveller friend of mine, Jake. I met him originally in Amman, Jordan and then again later in Dahab, Egypt. He is a serious travel geek like me and we complement each other quite well I think. He normally flies around the world on constant short trips and this time has decided to join us (or are we joining him?) for a couple months of West Africa. He must be crazy eh? Well, hopefully we won't scare him off too fast. We picked up Sky a couple days later from Casablanca and have since spent all our time in Rabat. It's actually a boring city and few tourists bother to spend any time here but we have been getting a couple visas for the next stretch of the road. It's been a good opportunity to adjust for Sky too as there is little hassle here. The most interesting tourist site here is a tall unfinished minaret from 1199. It would've been the tallest in the world at the time had it been finished but rests alone now at 44m. Apparently there are only 3 towers in the world remaining from that particular dynasty, one in Spain somewhere and another in Marrakesh. Now that we have finally picked up our next visas we should start moving again fairly quickly. Next stop, Marrakesh.


At 9:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Gang,
Ammon, thanks for the great writing, did you notice or was it my imagination, that you felt more comfortable out of traditional Europe? You writing got more animated in Gozo and Malta that any of the other places.
Sky, you have my deepest sympathy, this is double culture shock,,, no military regimen, and a dose of WTF are the people doing to me? LMAO
Bree, good note, nice to see you still have working digits, did Savannahs drop off? You should write more it is always entertaining.
Brandon, where is the effluence, the extensive and prodigious verbal and linguistict displays? You loose your dictionary? Or was there a mutiny? How is the head by the way? any recurring headaches, difficulty focusing, anger outbursts or emotional lability? That sounded like some fall.
Maggs, finally got the group together again, it's been almost a year. Isn't your Mom coming over soon? It's been a hell of a year over here, miss your window ledge.

Take care out there.
Love and Big Bear Hugs


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