Monday, November 05, 2007


Halloween was wicked and I got to do everyone up in facepaints! Dad was Frankenstein, Savannah was a vampire, I was a cheatah and Britt was an olden day girl that had her throat slit then was thrown into a lake to rot! Ammon, Brittany, Savannah and I went out for the night to see everyone's costumes and have fun. We went to HardRock Cafe where Will works and the staff were all dressed up and the guys were raising money by shaving their heads, waxing their legs, armpits and stomachs! It was GREAT fun for us girls who were cheering and laughing! Everyone got into Halloween! We saw Ronald McDonald, a card, sailors, Bugs Bunny, witches, cats, Santa Clause, lots of men dressed as cheerleaders and hookers, vampires, a box, Mario, Luigi, Teletubbies, a baby, Skeleton, Scoobydoo and the funniest were three guys dressed as terrorists. They painted their faces brown, rapped their heads with towels and wore robes and carried toy guns. I dont think I have ever seen so many outfits at once before. We went into a bunch of pubs and of course had to sneak Savannah in because she's underage. She used my drivers license and I used my student card. It was probably a good thing her face was painted otherwise the bouncers would've noticed how red she turned when they asked for her ID. Hahaha at one point we gave the same guy both our ID at the same time and he didn't even notice that we apparently had the same name and birthdate!!!

Ireland was amazing and is definitely one of my favourite countries so far! I loved staying with my BEST friend in the whole wide world because Brittany is AMAZING! We had so much fun and so many laughs! Her boyfriend, Will, and her showed great hospitality and I already miss their little wiener dog, Peanut! Driving around the countryside was fabulous and the "Stupid Tourist" sign on the back of our car will never get old! Some accents were super hard to understand and I felt stupid not being able to undertstand my own language! Now we're in Scotland and I miss Britt too much already! Scotland kicks butt and I can't stop reciting Braveheart especially when I see the kilts and hear bag pipes! I think the most fun so far was sliding down a huge hill on my stomach like a penguin! The grass is so thick and soft! I love it. Ivor, who we are staying with is amazing and seems to know all the history about Edinburgh and is an amazing guide and friend! We're so lucky to have met him! We keep mimicking his accent and I especially love "A wee while" and "aye". I am more than psyched to see Sky in less than 2 weeks!!!!!! It's going to be so much different and BETTER when he's out here making us all laugh! He's going to whip us into shape!! Can't wait!
I miss DLR.
Bumble Bre!


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i miss BMW-dlr


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