Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bumble Bree

I know Ammon has been doing all the writing lately and you all must be dying for some variety. heehee So I am going to try and write more than I have been even if they are short ones. I can't believe I have been on 29 flights now in my life, I mean that's a lot right? Cool, I love flying! Time to hit the road Jack! More visas and stamps for me!! Poor Sky, his passport is so empty. ahahah
It's really great having the whole family back together! Sky is Awesome! We all love watching his reactions and hearing his stories because he is so animated and funny! We all never stop talking and laughing. Now he is the Newbie. He is always hungry and asking when the next food stop is, no wonder, he has all those muscles to feed. I am psyched to start traveling Africa! I watched Lion king the other day and got all pumped up! Hahah What can I say.. I love cartoons! Oh and some other new news.. My hair is back to brunette...I miss the blond though.
Talk to you all soon.
Bre Berry!


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