Tuesday, November 27, 2007

on WE go

Well it was quite a whirlwind in Europe. Thanks again Brittany for putting this last minute idea in our heads to visit Dublin which lead to a crazy sideline trip. Brussels and Madrid really stand out in my mind for a perfect strolling day for sight seeing. Frankfurt will be remembered as the first place I stepped foot in Europe. Republic of Ireland's Atlantic coast and especially the Antrim area in Northern Ireland are completely unforgettable. Visiting our distant cousin, Ivor was a blast!! Gozo Island, Malta was a real head over heals splash. Just another quick thank you to all of our incredible hosts. You all have not only enriched my life but the lives of my family too.

It seemed like everything came together when Skylar walked through the airport doors in Casablanca. We have been waiting a very long time for this reunion and are so thankful and pleased that he has returned home safely to us. At last we are a complete family again. He adds a new element and tone to our laughter and he is always hungry feeding those muscles.

In Rabat, the capital, we ate at the same restaurant three times. Why? Good food and good prices. For a bowl of delicious harira soup (A tomato based soup with vermicelli, garbonzo beans and anything else they can find) for only 4 DH with bread (50 cents), a salad with carrots, sweet onions, beets, cooked potatoes, all diced, on a bed of lettuce with sliced tomato on top for 5 DH and a tajine(vegetable stew) or couscous for 10DH and add a piece of chicken for another 10DH. So a salubrious meal such as this, will only set you back between $2.50-$3.75. Really this is too much to eat, although Skylar has no problem at all.... Ammon too.

So we are getting closer to the nitty gritty of West Africa. We took our last flight to Fes, last comfortable train to Marrakesh, a coach last night for 15 hours to Laaayoune and tonight is our last overnight coach ride to Dakhla, in the former West Sahara. From then on it will be tough, dirty and hot.

Anyone of you worrying about our safety as we head to West Africa can relax a little now that we have added Sky to our team as extra special security. Being a group of 7(with Jake) should also help. It's always good having 14 watchful eyes around. I'm always amazed at Ammon's experience and leadership abilities. We certainly couldn't (and wouldn't) be doing this without him! Carrying a heavy backpack is a challenge for me and I still can't figure out how the girls have coped so well with theirs. I am proud of all of them and look forward to continuing to overcome the challenges and reap in the rewarding experiences together. We are headed to Mauritania and plan to be in Timbuktu, Mali for Christmas!


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