Friday, November 02, 2007


Wow, what an adventure the past 10 days have been. It was a long and hard 3,040km driving on not only the opposite side but on the most narrow, winding roads that must have speed RECORDS posted rather than speed limits. I still can't believe that they expected me to drive an insane 100KM on those roads! Haha, and don't forget I'm the one who drove from Vancouver to L.A. California in 17 hours!I feel I've qualified for another level on my driving record and a reward for returning the car unscratched, dented or otherwise mutilated!! I couldn't have done it with out my awesome navigators. Most of our driving of course was done on the gorgeous, small country roads and a good deal of the time it was only one lane with a line of grass growing down the middle of it. The Irish drivers are very courteous on the back country roads even though they drive like bats out of hell. By the end I was becoming one of them, haha! Ireland is incredibly beautiful with all of the coast line, the green pastures, rolling hills, farm animals roaming in the fields and to top it all, we had amazing weather almost the entire time. Ireland has definitely been a highlight on the trip and I would recommend it for sure! We've met great people through the church and hospitality club. Tomorrow we're flying over to Scotland for a few days to check out Edinburgh and meet a distant relative. It should be fun and interesting. Let's just pray the weather holds up and we don't die of cold before reaching Malta. Sky will finally be joining us on the 17th of Nov in Casablanca, Morocco and we can't wait!!


At 8:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


my home land :DDD

youve now seen them both

Ukraine and Scotland!


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