Friday, February 08, 2008


Despite all of the dirt and poverty out here in Africa, the people always seem to be wearing very nice, bright, clean clothes. For some reason the colours look so gorgeous against their dark, smooth skin. Every colour looks great. All of the women are in dresses or in two piece outfits with a matching kerchief on their heads and a baby wrapped on their back, also with matching fabric. While out in the villages and small towns we see an awful lot of bare breasts just hanging out...and we're talking HANGING! We're talking National Geographic at it's best kind of boobs here. Poor Savannah has been so traumatized that she has literally taken to wearing TWO bras at the same time to prevent any such thing from happening to her. Oh, and she says she is thinking of investing in a third! Hhahaha.
Here in this city, Freetown, we are happy that all of the women have been fully dressed and our men don't have to keep diverting their eyes since they've become very distraught themselves.
The men are dressed in normal western clothes. T-shirts, jeans, suit pants, Polo shirts etc. All of the kids seem to be dressed in American T-shirts with common Logos. It looks like they're all wearing the hand-me-downs from American kids.
It's soo hot and muggy here and there's nothing you can do to cool off except take our clothes off and run around...but THAT'S not happening!
The beach here is beauitful and the water is a perfect tempurature. The sand is the softest I've ever felt and everything is surprisingly clean. We'll spend the day at the beach tomorrow then go find some chimps to look at.
Wishing you all well. Feel free to join us anytime!


At 9:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie,
First telll the others that I wrote comments on their blogs, they are all great in such different ways, I love reading them.
Second, the real question to ask is how long did they look before averting their eyes, and was it averting in guilt or gross out. There is nothing like floppy boobs to make you interested in the clouds, dirt, the dogs, anything but those... LOL
I hope you take a couple of days and recharge, and relax at the beach, it sounded fairly arduous over the past bit.
Wayne has had to stop working, and is now in a group home for a bit, it is sad. But thank you for sending the cards. I got my Timbuktu card which I reread several times.

Please give Savannah a special hug from me, I know she is really unhappy.

Love you's to all, and Big Bear Hugs to all.
Love your friend, the Bear

Thanks for writing


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