Thursday, February 07, 2008

Savannah in Savannah

It wasn't until we drove into the taxi stand in the small town of Pita that I realized going to Douki would mean backtracking. With that knowledge (I am almost embarrassed to admit this) I had voted against it and wanted to skip the trip entirely just to avoid the 2hour, 40km bumpy ride. I'm becoming weak with my old age, haha. It's probably a good thing, with this as an example that I am the youngest and have very little say in the matter. For if I was in charge we would've missed the highlight of West Africa.
It took a while but finally I found the Africa I have been looking for. Hiking through the jungle was so unreal and we all came to the conclusion that it felt as though we were in a simulated jungle at Disney Land in an A/C room. Kind of like E.T. for those who have riden it...I can't believe they took it out! Ok, side tracking here. Although the hike was tiring and hot, it was worth every ache in my body! The scenery is amazing out in the wild with nothing but the faint sound of birds chirping, far off water rushing and the crunch of dry grass beneath each footstep....
I can't write anymore. I was going to but I just can't because my heart hurts too much. Grady dumped me and I can't think straight. I've never experienced the single life.....
P.s.Hey Shean! That guy you were saying thinks I'm he young, hot and single TOO?? :D or is he an old fogie like you?! Teehee. Savannah


At 8:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Savannah,
First I wish I could make the hurt go away, you can ask your Mom, I really do know how much it hurts, and it makes me sad to know there is nothing I can do from here. Just to be clear, not that your mom was involved, but I did seem to spend alot of time bending her ear, she is an amazing friend to have, I highly recommend a late night visit for a chat.
Second, who you calling old!!???!! Now your Dad, that is old. You insult me and then want me to hook you up with a good looking (think Smallville - superman not lex luther) plastic surgery resident? It will take some major sucking up for that!! LMAO
I wish you would write more about what it was that your saw and felt that made it feel more like real africa. You were painting a beatiful picture when you started. It was nice to hear your voice, each of your paints differently with your words, and yours is a soothing voice.

Special Long Hug and Love to you right now.
The Big Bear


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